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Arizona: Hijab-wearing Muslim trans Antifa militant arrested at Phoenix riot – claims to be victim of ‘Islamophobia’

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The Leftist/Islamic alliance is based on shared goals, shared hatreds, similar authoritarianism, and a shared tactic of claiming victimhood in any and all circumstances, no matter how absurd the claim.

More on this story. “Rifle-carrying trans Muslim Antifa arrested at riot in Phoenix,” by Andy Ngo and Mia Cathell, The Post Millennial, October 21, 2020:

A transsexual Muslim militant Antifa was arrested again at a violent far-left protest in Phoenix last Saturday.

35-year-old Britney Erica Austin, formerly Eric Austin, was among 18 individuals arrested in downtown Phoenix at a violent anti-police protest. Austin was covered head-to-toe at the time in a black abaya, or women’s Islamic robe, and a burka.

Protesters shut down traffic and Phoenix Police say the group of rioters hurled incendiary devices at responding officers. Austin was carrying a semi-automatic rifle at the time. Police declared an unlawful assembly and fired impact munitions.

Austin was taken into custody on charges of felony first-degree hindering prosecution, felony riot and unlawful assembly. She’s been arrested at least a half-dozen times related to far-left protests in Arizona. Austin did not respond to a request for comment but has published social media posts about her most recent arrest.

“There were multiple trans and gender non-conforming folx who were repeatedly and intentionally misgendered, disrespected, dehumanized, and violated throughout the process including me,” Austin wrote on Facebook. “I was also subjected to intentional and gender-based Islamophobia and retaliation for asserting my legal rights.”…

Austin, a Muslim convert who also goes by the name “Sumayyah Dawud,” has a long history of far-left activism in the Phoenix area. She attends protests frequently where she can be seen carrying a semi-automatic rifle and symbols of antifa. In July, she put out a call on social media for people to attend a Phoenix direct action organized in “solidarity” with Portland antifa group, the Youth Liberation Front. Several cities experienced simultaneous violent rioting that night on July 25….

Then in 2015 she tried to sue the Phoenix Police Department on an allegation of religious discrimination when she was photographed without her burqa for a booking photo. She was initially represented by the local chapter of the fundamentalist Muslim legal organization, the Council on American and Islamic Relations, or CAIR, but it dropped her after finding out she is transsexual….

Article posted with permission from Robert Spencer

The Washington Standard

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