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Arizona Rep Paul Gosar Walks Away From CNN Interview Shouting “Fake News” — Here’s Why…

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Republican House Rep Paul Gosar (AZ) is one of the more awake representatives in congress.

On Wednesday it didn’t take long for him to end an interview with CNN and walk away shouting “Fake News.”

Here’s the story from Roll Call:

Republican Rep. Paul Gosar walked away from an interview, shouting “fake news” when he was pressed by a CNN reporter about his claims that the racial violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, might have been a left-wing plot.

In an interview with Vice News earlier this month, Gosar said the person who organized the “Unite the Right” rally “an Obama sympathizer.”

Gosar said liberal billionaire George Soros was “one of those people that actually helps back these individuals.”

When asked about those claims Wednesday, he said, “I said ‘Wouldn’t it be interesting to find out?’ I did not say that, so go back and retool that.”

When asked what proof he had about that being a possibility, Gosar said: “stay tuned.”

“Check out my website later this evening,” he told the reporter. “You’ll find out.”

When the reporter said many of his comments had been debunked, Gosar responded, “It’s not been debunked whatsoever, so stay tuned.”

Gosar then criticized CNN for how it was covering recent news about the Clinton campaign and its ties to a salacious dossier about President Donald Trump.

“You’re not real news — you’re fake news,” he said as he started walking away.

The term “fake news” is a favorite epithet for CNN by the President.

While the Kaye said that Gosaer’s website featured a ’60 Minutes’ interview with Soros. But Soros said in the interview he never helped take property from Jewish people during the Holocaust.

The post also has a link to a far-right radio host who blamed Charlottesville on Democrats and said Soros sponsored groups that bused in people into the town. But as of Thursday morning, there appeared to be nothing on Gosar’s website about the subject.

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Everyone but the most die-hard leftists seem to know that Soros has his hands in everything.

Gosar gets it.

Some others on our side of the aisle don’t seem to.

Kudos to Gosar for standing tall and rejecting the fake news network they call CNN.

Why would Paul Gosar or anyone else want to talk to them?

There is a reason they are now called The Least Trusted Name in News.

Article posted with permission from Dean Garrison

The Washington Standard

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