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Armed Man Defends 6 People, Including Baby, During Home Invasion – 1 Bad Guy Dead

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Six people are safe, including a one-month old baby, after an armed man protected them from two thugs who broke into an apartment, attempting to rob the residents.

The Star-Telegram reports that the incident occurred about 1pm on Tuesday; and that Brad White, who was in the apartment with his girlfriend and their newborn baby, said that two suspects entered the apartment and began a scuffle with the residents. Keep in mind that the police report lists the incident as a robbery-home invasion.

The suspects were told to leave after they rush into the apartment, according to White. One complied with the order. The other, 36-year-old Larry Chism failed to back down from the confrontation. That’s when 21-year-old Blake Estrada Severin shot him twice, once in the shoulder and once in the chest.

Jessica Bryan, 21, who also lives in the apartment, said that six people were in the apartment when the two suspects entered. She also said that Chism was a former friend, but that a week ago he was brandishing a 9mm handgun in their faces. Authorities have no confirmed whether Chism was armed at the time of the robbery-home invasion.

White seemed thankful for the quick actions of Severin.

“My friend didn’t hesitate — he knew I had a baby in there and he shot him,” White said.

Severin met the police in the parking lot of the Cameron Creek Apartments in the Cityview area of southwest Forth Worth, Texas.

According to Ft. Worth Police Department spokesman officer Daniel Segura, Severin then told officers that he had shot Chism.

Chism was pronounced dead in the living room of the apartment, according to authorities.

Two people in the apartment were taken into custody to be questioned. However, they were later released and no arrests were made.

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