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As CDC Claims New “XBB” COVID Strain, This Is What Is Really Going On

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Scientists knew it was coming but failed to warn the public in time resulting in a pyroclastic flow of previously unprecedented proportions. Mt. Hamner roared to life to spew a plethora of truth all over the surrounding area. Residents were fleeing in the face of the surprise “eruption” of blunt truth and irrefutable facts.

People, you were warned but failed to heed the numerous knowledgeable individuals, researchers, and medical professionals who had zero to gain but everything to lose in bringing the truth to bear. You failed to listen to those who risked alienating family and loved ones through endless hours of research to bring truth to you and counter the ridiculous false narrative and rhetoric of those so consumed by fear, repeating the Operation Mockingbird media and medical community dribble, they tied their own hands while inflicting harm upon others. If you do not fall into this category, this is not directed toward you.

You were warned that continued compliance with ridiculous measures that do not work to prevent “illnesses and transmission” would lead to an endless time of mask-wearing, social distancing, mandates, “vaccines”, etc. Pat yourselves on the back because the Center for Disease Control has just announced a “new strain” of the CONvid-1984 known as “XBB” that is responsible for 3.1% of all new infections and is the most “vaccine -resistant” strain ever. In the northeast, spanning New Jersey to Maine, the “new variant” is responsible for 5% of infections and is doubling in proportion every 12 days.

OH MY WORD!!! Run for the hills, you all are going to die! There is no “vaccine” to protect you! What are you going to do? Doubling every 12 days means that 5% will turn into 10% in 12 days. In 12 more days, that 10% will double into 20%; then, 40%, 80% and finally 160%. In two months time, 160% of CONvid-1984 infections, per the “reliable” PCR test, will be the XBB “vaccine-resistant” strain.

But don’t worry, those masks will save you since they are so effective at preventing illness and transmission. New vaccines, using protocols established under Operation Warp Speed, will be headed your way soon. Social distancing, quarantines, carcinogenic hand sanitizer, and lockdowns will be your “salvation” until then.

And, never forget – you caused it all by socializing more indoors since the weather is cooler and the day of Thanksgiving saw everyone pigging out at the dinner table laughing, talking, singing, etc.

There is not one, and I mean, not one, person in the supposed medical profession who does not know that mask wearing, social distancing, quarantining healthy individuals, lockdowns, etc. is useless in preventing any illness or preventing transmission. Anyone in the supposed medical profession worth their salt knows there has been zero proof of any virus, including the one touted to cause CONvid-1984. Yet, these “professionals” still working run right down, donning their masks, acting like mask Nazis in “hospikills”, salivating to stick a Qtip up your nose to touch your brain for a test that is not diagnostic and is unnecessary, while waiting for you to put one toe out of line to accuse you of being “offensive” to justify calling security to escort you out. They line up like the ignorant sheep they are to get jabbed with some poison that has been admitted, by the same entities they worship and hang on every word, not to prevent infection or transmission.

That’s more than ignorance folks. It’s stupidity of epic proportion.

Oh yes, I forget. I’m supposed to have sympathy for those who need their jobs because they have mortgages, children, are sole bread winners and “have no choice”. I’m supposed to play along with their mental illness because they have no time to research and find the truth. I’m supposed to compromise my beliefs, disregard the truth and facts, so I don’t cause trouble. I’m to “respect” their situation as they refuse to respect mine. I’m to stand down because “one person cannot change it”. In other words, go along, contribute to the tyranny, and like it since I’m trying to push my beliefs on others. As we all know, not everyone has the same beliefs.

Since when is standing for choice pushing my beliefs on someone else?

Why can’t anyone answer the questions that I have without calling me offensive?

First, if there is such a thing as the CONvid-1984, doesn’t anyone believe it is everywhere by now?

I’m sure everyone is going around disinfecting their cars daily, spraying disinfectant into the air, converting their homes into vacuum environments to keep every single particle of dirt, dust, hair, and “germ” out. Did everyone forget that people shed skin continually, which is what most of the dust in your house is? I can bet everyone disinfects everything they buy, the bag they put it in and put it in a sterilizer before bringing it in the house. I’m pretty sure everyone is disinfecting their pets, their shoes, the money they get from the bank, and pretty much anything and everything they touch. Don’t forget to disinfect the cat box, the dog poop, and doggie poop bags before handling those things.

Second, if masks and vaccines work, what does anyone who wears masks and had the CONvid-1984 injection have to worry about from those who don’t?

This is a simple question that no one can answer or refuse to consider since the “offensive” accusation gets thrown out at that question.

Third, if there is information counter to the “official narrative” that is true, confirmed by numerous independent professionals, why is it that this information is from “kooks”, “crazies”, “quacks”, and “unreliable sources”?

No one can answer why certain entities know more about PCR than the inventor of the test, Kary Mullis. Likewise, no one can answer why Nobel Prize winner Luc Montagnier is now an unreliable source and government bureaucrats are not. At one time, government bureaucrats praised and supported Mullis and Montagnier. Yet, these unknowledgeable individuals follow bureaucratic narratives funded by Bill Gates – a college drop out who has zero medical background, knows zero about any medical anything, and talks out of his eugenicist, ignorant, totalitarian, controlling backside.

If you think I’m mad, you’re darn tootin’ right I am. Hospikills in this area will not allow you to care for family members in their death facility if you do not comply with their insanity. If your family members has a “positive” PCR test, you cannot be there at all. If that wasn’t enough, metal detectors are at the entrances looking for “weapons” denying residents of the right to self protection. Refusal of a PCR test results in denial of treatment. Forget about being reasonable with these “CONvid-1984 crazies”. They refuse to listen, refuse to even look at facts or truth, and resort to name-calling and defamation when bringing the light to bear.

Not long ago, requested tests that these hospikill Nazis determined were “unnecessary” would not be considered. Now, an unnecessary test is required to even be considered for any type of treatment.

While these high-horse sitting virtue signaler hospikill workers blather on about “health” and “protecting others from being sick”, these same individuals rarely wash their hands before providing care to patients, opting instead to use “hand sanitizer” and gloves in a box, hanging on the wall exposed to who knows what. While they repeat official narratives, these same stupidly ignorant will not change bed sheets during a hospikill stay unless severely soiled or help a patient take a bath. Changing bed sheets and keeping the skin in good condition is the first line of defense in continuance of health.

They justify this lack of care to patients under “cost effectiveness”. It “costs” to use that laundry service. It “costs” to have personnel assist with basic activities of daily living. Certain patient care is neglected under the justification of being “cost effective”. Most hospikill workers today don’t know that hospikills used to have their own laundries in house and individuals dedicated to bathing. At one point, many hospikills sterilized their own equipment, packaging it in sterile packages to be used again – no service was used.

None of these stupidly ignorant care that you are being asked to don a device that reduces your oxygen level, raises your carbon dioxide level, and causes difficulty breathing. Just “suck it up buttercup”, you don’t have the right to walk around free. They care not if you are bleeding, dying in the street. No PCR, No “Vax”, just die. Before any of you high-horse sitting virtue signaling hospikill workers get your nose bent out of shape, prove it wrong. Don’t spout “but it’s hospital policy” or “we have to be safe” – that’s a worn out argument used by cowards. Stand up and advocate for the rights of your patients to refuse unnecessary tests. Stand for the right of their family members to breathe freely.

If you can’t do that, what good are you? On the flip side, are you willing to prove to the patients you care for that YOU are not infectious or going to “infect” them with something? It’s a two way street; yet, you only want it traveled one way. Don’t even start hollering about “your rights” when you are so willing to step on the rights of others.

Yes, us dinosaurs remember the good old days when serving those who were ill was a calling, extended with compassion, caring, truthfulness, and advocacy. Now, we are a relic from the past, considered to know nothing by these fruit loops running around spitting out the latest garbage from government and international entities whose focus is “climate change”, not health. You all want to be considered “brave” for working during a “deadly pandemic”. Well, work during the time of HIV/AIDS when no one knew anything about it much and cared for patients without knowing who or who was not infected or not knowing if that personal protective equipment was truly protective. Work with tuberculosis patients in rooms that were not negative pressure or work with them in the home then talk. Many of us did and are just fine today.

Good luck controlling or curing physical defects with herbs, vitamins, minerals, and alternative treatments. Those things are not going to set a broken leg, fix a defective heart valve, correct a ruptured appendix, or any plethora of conditions where surgery is the only alternative. At some point, you or someone in your family will have to face all of this in order to access services. You either comply, all the while resenting having to compromise your beliefs for the stupidly ignorant, or you do not and leave loved ones to fend for themselves.

Yep, I’m mad, frustrated, and tired, particularly of the one way street, the ignorance, stupidity, and brainless repeating of false information. And, it’s not going to be forgotten either. Remember the old adage that comes from the Holy Bible, “treat others as you would want to be treated.”

The eruption of Mt. Hamner is now subsiding. Residents will be available to return within its vicinity within a day or so. Until then, do the best you can.

Article posted with permission from Sons of Liberty Media.

Suzanne Hamner

Suzanne Hamner (pen name) is a registered nurse, grandmother of 4, and a political independent residing in the state of Georgia, who is trying to mobilize the Christian community in her area to stand up and speak out against tyrannical government, invasion by totalitarian political systems masquerading as religion and get back to the basics of education.
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