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As Facebook Goes On The Attack Against Political Opponents, Hollywood Donates Millions To Democrats

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As Facebook continues its assault on hundreds of conservative websites using vague claims of sanitizing the internet and false claims of violations of their Terms of Service, Holly wood is donating millions of dollars to Democrat candidates.  If you think these two things are not coordinated, there’s not much I can do to help you, but if you recognize what is going on, read further.

“Today, we’re removing 559 Pages and 251 accounts that have consistently broken our rules against spam and coordinated inauthentic behavior,” explained Nathaniel Gleicher, Facebook’s head of cybersecurity policy and Product Manager Oscar Rodriguez, in a blog post. “Many were using fake accounts or multiple accounts with the same names and posted massive amounts of content across a network of Groups and Pages to drive traffic to their websites. Many used the same techniques to make their content appear more popular on Facebook than it really was.”

While Facebook vaguely refers to some sites as “ad farms” that misrepresent themselves as political debate sites or news sites, and that may be the case for some, the reality is that many sites that Facebook removed pages on are legitimate commentary and news sites.

Fox News reports:

Facebook’s move was driven by the behavior of the purged accounts and pages, as opposed to their content. The social network has been in the spotlight amid accusations of censorship and anti-conservative bias, as well as its response to alleged Russian meddling in U.S. politics.

Pages for the conservative Right Wing News and Nation in Distress, as well as liberal-leaning sites Resistance and Reverb Press, were among those removed. The New York Times reports that Right Wing News had more than 3.1 million followers. Resistance and Reverb Press had 240,000 and 816,000 followers, respectively, it says.

Citing Facebook officials, the Washington Post reported that the accounts and pages do not appear to have links to Russia.

No, this isn’t about Russia or anything of that like.  Several sites in a network of conservative sites that I’m a part of had their pages unpublished by Facebook on Thursday.  They were told they had accounts that were admins of their pages that were not authentic despite the fact that Facebook had verified those accounts.  Many also lost their personal pages as well.

Reporter Pete Santilli had his page unpublished with nearly 20 million followers!

The Free Thought Project also had their page unpublished.

Facebook has unpublished our page

After 5 years of building fans Facebook has officially unpublished our page (3.1 million fans) so we can’t post on it anymore. This is truly an outrage and we are devastated. We will do everything we can to recover our page and fight back. pic.twitter.com/H3AmHTT8Qo

— Free Thought Project (@TFTPROJECT) October 11, 2018

Additionally, Anti-media was caught in the crosshairs as well.

Our @facebook page with over 2.1 million followers has been unpublished, along with over 800 other pages and accounts. The purge of alt-media is upon us. pic.twitter.com/6Q2oswVpBI

— Anti-Media (@AntiMedia) October 11, 2018

However, while some say this is a First Amendment issue, that is really not the case.  It is a censorship issue for sure, but the real way conservatives who have had their pages unpublished can capitalize on this is if they have paid Facebook in any way for likes or ads.  They could claim that Facebook knew who they were, took their money, and now, as we approach mid-term elections, have strategically targeted them and like-minded pages so that they will not have a voice on the social media platform.

Let’s see who will step up first and actually go after Facebook.

Meanwhile, Hollywood is getting in on this deal too.  In conjunction with Facebook’s “purge,” top executive in Hollywood are donating millions of dollars, mostly to Democrats.

The Hollywood Reporter writes:

Of the more than $4 million in federal donations made by the top Hollywood executives and entertainers, 99.7 percent went to Democrats and Democratic-leaning political action committees or organizations, according to a Hollywood Reporter data review of Federal Election Commission records.

Only three members of this year’s THR 100 list donated to Republicans or Republican committees: Saturday Night Live creator Lorne Michaels donated $5,000 to moderate Republican Sen. Susan Collins; WarnerMedia CEO John Stankey gave $2,000 to both Tennessee Republican Senate candidate Marsha Blackburn and the National Republican Congressional Committee; and Viacom CEO Bob Bakish gave $1,500 to Republican Georgia Sen. Johnny Isakson and $1,000 to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

The biggest Hollywood donations went almost all to Democrats. The Senate Majority PAC was the primary recipient, with HBO host Bill Maher ($1 million), Netflix CEO Reed Hastings ($500,000) and Endeavor executives Ari Emanuel ($100,000) and Patrick Whitesell ($100,000) making major donations.

Talent agency management gave consistently and generously to Democrats. After Whitesell ($147,400 in total donations) and Emanuel ($120,400 in donations), CAA Managing Partner Bryan Lourd paced the field ($106,300 in donations), followed by ICM Partners Managing Director Chris Silbermann ($54,700) and CAA Managing Partner Kevin Huvane ($47,300).

Directors have been among Hollywood’s most prolific donors, including Steve Spielberg ($549,000) and J.J. Abrams ($347,500).

Netflix executives also made their presence felt, led by chief executive Reed Hastings, who has made 14 donations totaling $546,600.

While Hollywood’s donor base has gotten younger and more diverse, veteran executive Jeffrey Katzenberg more than doubled the donation total of any member of the THR 100, giving $1,116,300 so far.

Among recipients of Hollywood’s largesse, embattled Missouri Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill has brought in $627,051 from entertainers.

Compared to individual executives, entertainment company political action committees generally strive for partisan balance. The 21st Century Fox PAC, for example, has given $80,500 to Democrats competing for House seats and $80,000 to Republicans competing for House seats. For Senate races, the PAC has given $66,675 to Democrats and $44,000 to Republicans.

Now, the money thing can be an issue for people who aren’t paying attention and fall right into the propaganda of advertising, but as the election of Donald Trump demonstrated, even when you have large amounts of money against you, you can overcome.

They took out Alex Jones and no one truly came against them.  Now they have been emboldened.

I suppose it is up to the American people to see this coordinated attack and effort to eliminate political speech that dissents from Facebook for what it is, an attempt to keep you in the dark when it comes to the political process.

Article posted with permission from Freedom Outpost

Tim Brown

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