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As Invasion Goes On, Biden Offers Amnesty to Illegal Aliens

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Illegal, unconstitutional and an attack on America.

“Parole” is the hot new name for illegal alien amnesty.

First, invaders who claimed that they were refugees were released on “parole” with court dates in the next decade. Now Biden is preparing to roll out “Parole in Place” for illegal aliens who have been here for a decade and are married (or pretend to be married) to an American citizen.

Much like the DREAM Act, this is an illegal alien amnesty in both senses of the word. It’s an amnesty for illegal aliens. And it’s an illegal action.

Biden isn’t doing this by passing a law, but much like Obama’s amnesty for younger illegals, it’s a unilateral action targeted at a more ‘sympathetic’ element of the illegal alien invasive population.

And it comes after Biden put on a show of cracking down on the border by limiting the daily illegal alien invader intake to 2,500. Right afterward, he rolls out a massive incentive to encourage more invaders to come.

‘Amnesty in Place’ would benefit supposed hundreds of thousands of illegal alien invaders which means assume that it will benefit far more than that especially considering the prevalence of fake immigration marriages. And Biden’s immigration system has taken to even recognizing ‘proxy marriages’ as legitimate.

The problem is that Chief Justice Roberts unconstitutionally upheld DACA after Attorney General Sessions had correctly tossed it out as “an unconstitutional exercise of authority” because he didn’t provide a sufficient rationale for the move. But the battles over DACA continue to be fought in the federal courts.

Biden is betting that he can’t lose here because even assuming Texas or some other state gains standing to sue and the Supreme Court urgently steps in (highly unlikely), he can score some points with Latino voters despite the fact that a lot of them are trending anti-open borders.

No one is above the law. But Biden is once again betting that he is.

Article posted with permission from Daniel Greenfield

The Washington Standard

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