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Anti-theist Blackmails Florida County Commissioners to Invoke Satan at Meeting

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We have seen it happen over and over: atheists, because they believe in nothing, feel left out.  When a group prays, they have no response.  What I mean is that they do not pray, so they really cannot say that they are not given equal time.  They are; they just do not pray.  So, to cease all prayer, they claim Satan.  They wish to pray to the Devil in an attempt to make it too costly for anyone to pray.

At first, this tactic worked perfectly.  Many, finding the cost of court and the thought of hearing a fool pray to Satan too high, buckled under the pressure.  But we are finding that there is one County Commission unwilling to give in to such blackmail bully tactics.

NBC Miami reports:

A South Florida man is threatening to sue Lake County if officials pray during a commission meeting but do not allow him to give a satanic invocation.

Chaz Stevens, a self-described atheist, tells local media that his request this week is part of his “Satan or Silence Project.” His goal is to persuade elected officials to either drop prayers before meetings or allow him to lead a satanic prayer.

Stevens clearly does not care if there is equal representation.  He does not really wish to see Satan recognized or prayed to by the county commission.  Stevens wants the commission to stop praying.  And he is not above using the courts to get his wishes.

NBC Miami continues:

In the past, Stevens has helped sway several cities to have a moment of silence before meetings instead of a prayer. He says he consider filing a lawsuit if Lake County denies his request.

The name of Stevens’s project says it all.  He wants the church in every area to be silent.  He, like most atheists, wishes to remove all religious influence on society.  The reason is simple; atheists know that if the church is silent, anything goes.  If the commissioners pray to Jesus before meetings, then they may turn to Him when making decisions.

But, Stevens’s ploy does not seem to be working in Lake County.

The New York Post reports:

Commission Chairman Jimmy Conner says he won’t allow the request.


p>Conner seems determined not to give into bullying tactics.  Possibly seeing through the request and the attempt, Conner will not allow the commission to be threatened into doing something that it does not want or to be stopped from doing what it feels is right.  And even if we do not like Christian prayer before our county commission meetings, we should like that this man will not waiver.  We should not have people rule us who rule from a place of fear.

The question is, what will Conner do?

The New York Post continued:

Conner says he’ll rally churches to raise money for a defense, should he need to. He has no plans to forgo the invocation.

First, he will not stop the prayer.  This is important.  He is going have the commission continue to do what they have a right to do.  Second, he is going to ask his fellow Christians to support the cause.  He is going to ask them to give in defense of the right to pray.

This is the best and quickest way to get rid of these atheist groups.  Make them put their money where their mouths are.  Conner is daring Stevens to sue.  Conner knows that Christians not only far outnumber atheists, but are also prolific givers.  Let the atheist break his teeth biting the Church.

We must remember that God sometimes brings our enemies to us to destroy.  Rev. 20:9

*Article by Michael Ware

The Washington Standard

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