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Australia: Police Call In Military To Keep The “Slaves” In Line

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The police in Australia seem to be having trouble keeping the slaves in line during the ongoing lockdowns.  The enforcers have called in the military to assist them in ensuring no one gets any taste of freedom.

New South Wales Police Commissioner Mick Fuller requested the support of 300 soldiers to ensure greater compliance with Covid restrictions.  Let’s rephrase that to what it really should read: the head of punishments on the plantation of New South Wales has called in 3oo more enforcers to ensure the slaves remain obedient and compliant to their masters.

This is getting insane, but they are desperate to maintain power at all costs. The five million residents in Sydney are currently in the fifth week of a city-wide lockdown that has been extended until the end of August but, so far, with sketchy compliance, it has failed to reduce new daily infections to zero. So they will enforce all compliance to keep these people from getting a cold.

To help New South Wales (NSW) police enforce the measures, the regional commissioner has asked the Australian Defense Force to deploy 300 troops to the streets “to boost its operational footprint” and ensure that residents there comply with the restrictions.

“With an increase in enforcement activity over the coming week, I have now made a formal request to the Prime Minister for ADF personnel to assist with [the Covid compliance] operation,” Fuller confirmed, in a statement released by NSW police. -RT

Is it really still too difficult for people to see that the police protect the ruling class from the slaves, and not the other way around? Time to wake up to reality, folks.  This could still be in our future. Do not put it past any person willing to set their morality aside and follow orders for a paycheck.

The deployment of soldiers and the expansion of police powers comes as Sydney reported a record number of new daily infections on Thursday, according to a report by RT. A with 239 new cases, (let’s do the math we aren’t supposed to do: (239 ÷ 5,000,000) x 100 is .00478% of the population) the highest single-day figure since the start of the pandemic. Addressing the rising figures, NSW premier Gladys Berejiklian warned that “things are likely to get worse before they get better.”

Ruling Class: Freeing The Slaves Would Mean More Infections

If the rulers can get away with another lockdown here, they will try it. As we have said from the beginning, this will not end. It’s a part of the agenda and without fearful people and order followers to make those unafraid compliant, this entire narrative falls apart along with the ruling structures in place around the globe.

People are increasingly not buying this load anymore.  Which means they are going to have to resort to drastic measures. Stay healthy and prepared.  This could get ugly, and we should put nothing past them at this point. No one knows what they will try next, but it could be something far more sinister than a massive hoax like COVID-19 has been.

Article posted with permission from Mac Slavo

The Washington Standard

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