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Article IV, §4, U.S. Constitution, requires The United States to protect each of the States against Invasion. It says: The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion… [emphasis added] In Federalist No. 43 (3rd

During August 2010, the People of The State of Missouri approved Proposition C and nullified key parts of “Obamacare.”  As a matter of constitutional principle, may the People of the States lawfully do this?  Or must they submit to every law made by Congress whether it is constitutional or not? 

The future of our Posterity depends on a proper understanding of the Source of our Rights.  I will explain four views; show you which one is true, and why the other three are false and lead inexorably to the destruction of any country which embraces them. 1.    Let us begin with

If politicians introduced a bill mandating the slaughter of all human babies under the age of two years; but called it, “The Little Babies Protection Act,” establishment conservatives and unthinking people all over the Country would be clamoring for its passage. We have become a shallow and easily deceived people.

Editor’s Note: Before you get into Publius Huldah’s response, there is a bit of information that is necessary for readers to know. As you recall, Publius Huldah posted an article on the issue of the Parental Rights Amendment and then subsequently we were contacted by Michael Farris’ spokesman to see

1. It is NOT necessary that the President, other officers in the executive branch, or federal judges commit a crime before they may be impeached & removed from office. Federalist Paper No. 66 (2nd para) & Federalist No. 77 (last para) show that the President may be impeached & removed

Our Constitution really was a 5000 Year Miracle. The following chart illustrates the Miracle. You can download and print out the chart by clicking here for a PDF copy. Rights come from God, and the purpose of civil governments is to secure the rights God gave us. Accordingly, WE THE

What Mark Levin says in “The Liberty Amendments” in support of an Article V convention is not true.1 On one side of this controversy are those who want to restore our Constitution by requiring federal and State officials to obey the Constitution we have; or by electing ones who will.

1. The Constitution grants to Congress only limited powers to make criminal laws. These powers fall into five categories: a) those made pursuant to express authorizations for four specific crimes; b) those made under the “necessary and proper” clause; c) those made for the few tiny geographical areas over which Congress has “exclusive Legislation”;

Page numbers refer to the hard bound ed. of the Journal of the Federal Convention Kept by James Madison (ed. by E.H. Scott; R. R. Donnelly & Sons Co., Chicago, 1893).  Hyperlinks to an online edition are also provided. Summary of the Dispute during 1787 The dispute was whether Congress