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Balkans Pay Heavy Price for Over Sleeping During Islamic Invasion As Europe Slams Door Shut on Refugees

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As we continue to hear horror stories of conditions in the Middle East, we can be tempted to want to alleviate the suffering of the millions fleeing their homes and war.  But, as I have said, we must fight this urge.  It can only lead to more danger and more attacks on our country.  Now, Europe has finally awoken to such threat; the Balkans might be in a bad position.

Fox reports:

As doors slam shut in Western Europe and razor-wire fences go up in the east, the massive wave of Middle Eastern refugees is backing up in the Balkans, where overwhelmed nations lack the will or resources to offer a long-term solution.

The ultimate destination for many of the refugees from Syria, Iraq, Libya and other war-torn nations is Germany, both for its rich benefits and its initial pledge to take in more than any other European Union nation. But when Germany announced that it was rescinding its offer and Hungary made itself a de facto firewall to Western Europe, tens of thousands of refugees already in transit were stranded in camps in Balkan nations including Croatia, Greece, Macedonia and Serbia.

The two factors for this situation are the German government’s retraction of its initial invitation to welcome the immigrants and Hungary’s refusal to allow the Syrians into their country.  The first was the start of the second.  As I reported, the Hungarian President said that this mass migration would be the end of Christian Europe.  And Germany has finally awakened to the danger of allowing so many Muslims into their country at once.

Fox continues:

In Germany, where Chancellor Angela Merkel initially announced the country would take in 800,000 refugees this year, the head of the BND, Gerhard Schindler, said the most immediate danger comes from jihadists who are already in Germany.

“For the Jihadists, it is much easier to obtain a false or stolen passport and get on the plane. The real danger comes from Europe, jihadists returning to Germany and other European countries, once fought on the fronts of the Middle East,” Schindler said.

But German secret service officials have observed a disturbing new trend that combines the two threats. Radicals already in Germany are increasingly trying to penetrate the shelters that hold desperate and increasingly volatile refugees who made it to Germany.

So then, the Europeans have to worry about the Muslims, who have already taken advantage of Germany’s hospitality and welfare assistance and who are now stoking the flames in the refugee camps and setting off the already frustrated and angry Muslims there.  This could prove to be an explosive mixture.  And things could be made worse by Europeans who have been fighting for ISIS in Syria.

Fox reports:

Much of the fear has been driven by the fact that ISIS has clearly stated its plan to send jihadists to Europe amid the refugee wave. Fighters with valid documents from EU countries can enter and exit without being detected, and ISIS has reportedly seized hundreds of Syrian blank passports.

And both of our political parties want to bring these people here.  No thanks.

*Article by Michael Ware

The Washington Standard

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