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Is the Battle Over the Ten Commandments in Arkansas What Our Founders Had In Mind?

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It is comical how things can be twisted and misconstrued. There are clearly times that young children misunderstand the meanings of their parents’ instruction to them. This, many times, carries over to their adult thinking. But, what about the thinking of a nation?

For many, there is this idea of complete religious freedom. Anything that is done under the auspices of religion is allowed. But, worse, if you are in government, you cannot have religious convictions.

I have illustrated this misunderstanding of the Constitution many times. But we have to ask: what is it that the Founders meant with the Establishment Clause? Was this their idea that we see played out comically in Arkansas?

Christian News reports:

A state commission in Arkansas has scheduled a date to review separate proposals to place a Ten Commandments monument and an homage to Satan on the grounds of the state capitol building.

Arkansas Secretary of State Mark Martin has marked Sept. 13 as the beginning of discussions with the Capitol Arts and Grounds Commission on whether or not to allow the placement of the monuments.

Is this view that there was always to be equal “airtime” what our Founding Fathers had in mind? Is the idea of equal airtime even something that they would have considered?

It is unlikely that this was even remotely what these men were thinking. When they thought of the idea of tolerance, it meant that they could believe what they thought was right. They were more concerned with forced tithing and compelled attendance to a certain denomination.

It is improbable that the Founders even considered the use of the word religion to have been all inclusive. It is nearly impossible that the idea of satanic worship would have come into their mind as a protected practice.

Once again, we see a state issue be addressed as an interstate issue. And worse, we are seeing the Founders’ intent completely ignored.

Article reposted with permission from Constitution.com. Article by Michael Ware.

The Washington Standard

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