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Beautiful 10-Year-Old Iraqi Christian Girl Gave Us All a Lesson in the Power of Forgiveness

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Myriam has lost everything because of ISIS, but she doesn’t hate them. She says “God loves us and wouldn’t let ISIS kill us.” Let’s hope her rose-colored view of the world is not shattered by ISIS making her into a sex slave.

When interviewed recently by Sat 7 reporter Essam Nagy, Myriam shared her heart about life as a refugee in Erbil, Kurdistan. She told Nagy that she forgives ISIS for forcing her family from their home last summer in Qaraqosh, Iraq. Myriam and her family are the kind of refugees that the Obama Regime doesn’t want to let in to America.


When Myriam was first filmed, living in an unfinished shopping mall structure in Erbil, she had three wishes: that she could return to school, that she could be reunited with her best friend Sandra, and that her message of love and forgiveness would reach the world.

Today, all three prayers have been answered, as she sits at the same desk as Sandra at a school in Erbil. She has a new message for the world and shared this last month when reunited with the Egyptian reporter who first interviewed her, SAT-7 KIDS presenter Essam Nagy. When asked what message she would give world leaders, she said, “Walk with love and mercy in your hearts.”


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