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Belgium: Dairy Farmers Rise Up! Protest With Tractors & Farm Equipment – Sling Cow Slurry Over Agents Of The State (Video)

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As farmers in the United Kingdom have been protesting by buying up milk and walking their cows around grocery stores, the Belgium farmers have taken protests to a whole other level!

Check out some of the highlights!

According to The Metro, “Like a scene from a sort of budget Mad Max, dairy farmers in Belgium took on police with their tractors in protests over the low price of milk.

Indeed, The Metro went on to talk about the uniting of the UK farmers and the Belgium farmers and what this protest represents.

But what links them both – and many farmers across Europe – is their dissatisfaction with the price being paid for milk.

In many cases it doesn’t even covers the cost of production and they’re blaming supermarket chains that are involved in price wars.

China’s slowing economy and the Russian import ban on European dairy products makes a solution for this problem – short of a dramatic restructuring of British farming – hard to come by.

Thousands converged on Brussels for a day-long demonstration which at its peak involved tractors ramming police barriers and forcing riot officers to back away.

Police had to use water canons to put down the more aggressive protesters.

All of this is mainly due to government intervention regarding things they have no business having their noses in and their foreign policies. Because of this, people are suffering needlessly.

Check out some of the images of the protest here.

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Additionally, we know that preparations are being made to starve much of the world in the next coming lockdowns if the people do not put a stop to them.

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While I commend the farmers for taking a stand, I assume that many of them have probably been subsidized by the government just like many farmers in the united States. At that point, I truly have a problem as it is not government’s place to subsidize anyone, including farmers. They subsidize them and then they turn around and steal their farms from their heirs with immoral death taxes. Talk about the devil!

Article posted with permission from Sons of Liberty Media

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