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Bernie Sanders: Talk Inflation, Not Abortion

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Talk about killing babies, not killing the economy.

Back in the day, the Bernie Sanders pitch was to talk about class warfare, not identity politics.

Bernie has since mostly backpedaled, embracing the worst of identity politics and making AOC and the Squad the heirs presumptive to his legacy. Some Bernie supporters are fine with that, others, like Tulsi Gabbard and some of the Intercept-adjacent people bailed out to do their own thing. But occasionally Bernie goes back to arguing for class warfare over identity politics.

Sometimes when it’s really obviously the thing to do.

Sanders continued to suggest that Democrats should frame their midterm approach around economic talking points — and not abortion — to drive turnout.

“So I think what we have to do is contrast what a strong, pro-worker Democratic position is with the corporate agenda of the Republicans,” he added.

The trouble with his advice is that the Democrats know the economy is terrible and they can’t really talk about it because a large degree of it is their fault. Much of it deliberate.

Bernie wants them to embrace class warfare and blame the whole thing on corporate greed. Biden and some Dems have tried it out, but the messaging is weak and runs up against the obvious problem that corporations are no greedier in 2022 than they were in 2018.

With abortion, the Dems at least have an issue that appeals to some of their base. But the economy is just a total loser. Denying it is futile, but they believe that so is admitting that it’s bad and running on it. The catch-22 leads to the confused messaging of the Biden boys who argue that the economy is great, but inflation is the fault of Russia and the corporation, also look, abortion!

Sanders, who is chair of the Senate Budget Committee, backed President Joe Biden on opposing the elimination of the debt ceiling, projected to be a key issue should Republicans take back the House and Senate in November.

“You have to increase the debt ceiling,” Sanders said.

Because while the Fed is cutting off the money supply for companies and small businesses, the thing to do is let the government spend as much money as it wants.

You can see why the Dems would rather talk about killing babies than killing the economy.

Article posted with permission from Daniel Greenfield

The Washington Standard

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