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Bernie Supporters Censored at DNC

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The two mainline Political parties very much mirror each other this presidential cycle. There is the unexpected dark horse candidate that no one though had a chance. This dark horse having said what people want to hear; they have gained cult-like followings through the primary.

There was much discussion in both parties as to the support the runner-up would give to the nominee. On the Republican side, we saw that the runner-up (Ted Cruz) did not play along. And as the time drew near for the Democratic runner-up (Bernie Sanders) to speak, people wondered if there would be a repeat. But we found that Bernie is a politician after all.

But, many of his supporters actually believed Bernie’s message. The believed Bernie when he called Hillary a crook. And so, when they came to the convention, they brought their signs with them.

The Daily Caller reports:

Bernie Sanders supporters at the Democratic National Convention claim people are seizing pro-Sanders signs in an effort to suppress the heavy support he is receiving on the convention floor.

The allegations began flying Monday night on Twitter just as the Democratic convention kicked off. Many Sanders supporters in the arena booed every mention of presumed Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, creating a divisive atmosphere at what is supposed to be the party’s big celebration.

“They are ripping signs out of people’s hands and threatening no credentials tomorrow if we hold up sign.

Apparently, men were walking around gathering up the pro-Bernie signs. And to get the signs, the supporters were told that if they did not give them up, then they would not be allowed back into the convention on Tuesday.

Once again, we learn that the liberal party is not liberal with ideas. If your ideas do not agree with theirs, you must be silenced.

Article reposted with permission from Constitution.com. Article by Michael Ware.

The Washington Standard

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