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Biden Admin Promises Not to End Mass Release of Illegal Alien Invaders

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This is treason.

Immigration compromises always end one way. And yet the Lucy and the football game keeps going as Democrats offer over and over again to trade “border security” or “immigration security” for “immigration reform” that leads to a mass invasion.

Trading domestic immigration security for amnesty for the aliens already here ended with no security and more illegals. Every previous immigration compromise would have been more of the same.

Now the mini-compromise being negotiated by the Biden administration won’t compromise on the invasion.

Biden officials have told Hispanic lawmakers that they are resisting GOP demands to limit the administration’s authority to release migrants through the legal tool known as parole, according to people familiar with the matter…

Officials told senators they were not backing down on parole.

The Biden administration has made unprecedented use of parole — both to release people into communities when Border Patrol is overwhelmed and as the basis for new, legal pathways into the country for select nationalities.

Parole is the whole problem since it means the mass release of illegal aliens into the country.

The Biden admin won’t stop doing that. Republicans are proposing some version of Title 42 and higher asylum request standards, but those all assume that the Biden administration actually wants to stop the flow of illegal aliens. It does not. Some Dems do, but the administration has its eye on the bigger picture of transforming America.

A version of Title 42 with a capacity trigger would slow down the rate of the invasion rather than stop the invasion.

Raising asylum standards would provide discretion and that is likely to have limited impact.

Republicans are insisting on parole because it’s the real issue here. If the Biden administration had to house the invaders in government detention centers, it would be motivated to stop them from entering the country. Instead, it’s the cities that are struggling to house them. Parole is the reason why NYC, Chicago and D.C. are flooded with illegal aliens. Urban Democrats should be demanding an end to parole. Because parole shifts the housing burden to them.

As long as Biden can keep releasing illegal aliens and then inviting more to come through “new pathways”, the invasion continues.

This is treason.

Article posted with permission from Daniel Greenfield

The Washington Standard

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