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Biden Regime Spends Millions to Ensure That You See Only What It Wants You to See

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It has been clear for quite some time that the Biden regime is no friend of the freedom of speech and dislikes the idea of dissent. Once again it is trying to curtail Americans’ Constitutional freedoms, all under the guise of protecting us. Making us blind slaves of the authoritarian state will save “our democracy,” you see.

Old Joe is, after all, the first president to see his principal opponent indicted, and on charges that many see as flimsy and politically motivated. The Biden regime tried and failed to establish a Disinformation Governance Board that would have effectively stamped out opposition to regime policies by labeling such opposition “disinformation” and silencing it accordingly. The regime worked with the social media giants to deplatform those who dissented from its COVID-19 nonsense. And now it has hatched a new scheme to make sure that you will only see what it wants you to see.

Biden’s handlers continue to insist that all they’re doing is helping the public by distinguishing truth from “disinformation.” The glaring problem with this claim is that what the Biden regime and its henchmen call “disinformation” has more than once turned out to consist of truths that were inconvenient for the regime’s agenda and policies.

One of the most notorious examples of this came in 2020, when Twitter, in an all-out effort to ensure that Biden would win the presidency, labeled the Hunter Biden laptop story “disinformation” and censored it accordingly. Fifty-one top intelligence professionals, all also avid to elect Biden, agreed that the laptop was “disinformation,” and Russian disinfo to boot, and that was that. Except the laptop was real.

We could soon be seeing many more instances of truths that harm the leftist elites being censored. The New York Post reported Tuesday that “Twitter’s censorship of the Hunter Biden laptop story in 2020 could soon be possible on an industrial scale — thanks to AI tools being built with funding from his father’s administration.”

The Biden regime is “spending millions on artificial intelligence research designed to make anti ‘misinformation’ tools which could then be passed to social media giants.” “Misinformation,” that is, in the eyes of the far-left wonks who are working on this project, and their overseers within the regime.

As always, such initiatives stem from a frank contempt for the American people. The researchers who are involved with this new censorship initiative “emailed each other to say that Americans could not tell fact from fiction online and that conservatives and veterans were even more susceptible than the public at large.” Americans are too stupid to distinguish truth from lies on their own, so they need benevolent leftists doing it for them. Call them Big Brother. Big Brother will handle everything so that we poor unwashed need not trouble our empty heads over matters that are too hard for us to understand.

All we poor unwashed need to do is open our wallets so that these leftists who know so much more than we do can fund their research (it has a $13 million budget right now) into how best to censor us and control our access to information. Funding is coming from the National Sciences Foundation and is going to censorship researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the University of Madison-Wisconsin, and the University of Michigan.

The program has a suitably Orwellian name: “Trust & Authenticity in Communication Systems.” Yeah, that’s what leftists controlling the information flow and quashing news they don’t like is all about: trust and authenticity. All they want to do, they say, is protect those of us who have “vulnerabilities to disinformation methods.”

The program’s manager, Michael Pozmantier, says it is “focused on combatting mis/disinformation.” This must be done because, according to a researcher at MIT, “broad swaths of the public cannot effectively sort truth from fiction online.” These hopeless cases particularly include “military veterans, older adults, military families,” as well as people in “rural and indigenous communities.” 

Seeing a pattern? That’s right: people most likely to vote Republican are those whom this program deems to be most vulnerable to misinformation. The researchers say that groups that read “the Bible or the Constitution” as likely to fall prey to misinformation and to get the crazy idea that “everyday people” can “act as subject matter experts.”

Now, however, the government will take care of everything: “At the University of Michigan, one researcher who received millions suggested one possible outcome of the research was outsourcing content ‘moderation’ decisions from social media platforms to government officials.”

There is some pushback. Information about this sinister new initiative comes from the House Judiciary Committee’s Subcommittee on the Weaponization of Government, which is shining a light on this sinister program in hopes of seeing it ended. Whatever happens to “Trust & Authenticity in Communication Systems,” it is certain that the Biden regime will try yet again to curtail the freedom of speech and gain total control over the flow of information. That’s what totalitarians do, and that’s what the people in charge are.

Article posted with permission from Robert Spencer

The Washington Standard

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