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Biden’s ‘American Families Plan’ Will Add $80 Billion to IRS: Increase Audits

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When you think of American families, what do you think of? Mom, apple pie, and Thanksgiving.

What does Joe Biden think of when he thinks of American families? Eliminating women, opening the border to illegal aliens, and boosting the IRS budget by $80 billion and increasing its power to audit you.

Nothing says family like the IRS.

White House officials plan to make a massive increase in enforcement at the Internal Revenue Service a central component of the tax proposal they will unveil this week alongside a $1.8 trillion spending package, according to four people briefed on the matter…

But likely the single biggest source of new revenue in the plan comes from dramatically expanding the clout of the nation’s tax agency. It seeks to beef up the number of agents and give the IRS new tools and technology to execute collections and crack down on avoidance, the people said. White House officials have eyed raising as much as $700 billion from toughening IRS enforcement and auditing over 10 years, two of the people said, although the precise amount in the plan remained unclear.

Wealth redistribution does involve… redistribution.

That means a wealth transfer from more conservative voters to Democrat special interests who will be the actual folks cashing in here.

There’s some ‘law enforcement’ that not even the worst socialists want to defund.

 White House officials are looking at increasing the agency’s budget by $80 billion over 10 years, a figure first reported by the New York Times.

So Biden Inc. is investing $80 billion to terrorize Americans in the hopes of making $700 billion.

But maybe the IRS is also infrastructure now because Biden’s fake infrastructure boondoggle would only spend 5% or $115 billion on roads and bridges.

The infrastructure crisis is so severe that Biden wants to spend $80 billion on the IRS and only $115 billion on infrastructure.

But anyone who remembers the illegal politicization of the IRS under Obama knows that its new boosted mission will very definitely involve targeting conservatives.

That’s been a proud Democrat tradition since JFK.

Article posted with permission from Daniel Greenfield

The Washington Standard

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