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Big Pharma Advances More Experimental Injections Production – Claims “No Serious Safety Concerns”

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Despite the fact that the Center for Disease Control’s Vaccine Adverse Effects Reporting System (VAERS) listed nearly 1,200 deaths between the middle of December and the first week in February following people receiving the experimental COVID injections, manufacturer Pfizer promises to ramp up its production of the experimental jab and actually has the audacity to claim that there is “no serious safety concerns.”

Right, we’ve seen absolutely no cause for alarm or any serious safety concerns.  Either he doesn’t know or he is lying, and I don’t believe he is ignorant.

Both Pfizer and Moderna, which refers to its injections as “operating systems,” not vaccines have made a pledge to Congress to keep producing these experimental mRNA injections that have killed thousands across the world and created adverse effects of tens if not hundreds of thousands of others who have taken it.

RT reports:

Pfizer and Moderna have prepared written testimonies to the US Congress, promising to boost vaccine production in the coming months, as the country’s death toll from Covid-19 recently exceeded 500,000.

The companies’ executives are scheduled to speak before the US House of Representatives Committee on Energy and Commerce on Tuesday.

According to Pfizer Chief Business Officer John Young’s written testimony, the company will have 120 million doses of the vaccine available for shipment by the end of March and an additional 80 million doses by the end of May. Pfizer expects that all 300 million contracted doses will be available by the end of July, which is enough to inoculate up to 150 million Americans.

Overall, Pfizer has increased its 2021 production plan from 1.3 billion to at least 2 billion doses since July.

“To date, no serious safety concerns have been identified that have changed the favorable risk-benefit profile of the vaccine,” Young wrote.

Moderna President Stephen Hoge wrote that the company has doubled the monthly deliveries since late 2020, and plans to double them again by April to more than 40 million doses per month. He added that 300 million doses will be ready between the end of March and the end of July.

We are told that over 64 million Americans have already taken this elixir into their bodies.  Some of them are no longer with us because of it and others have suffered serious adverse effects.

Most people seem to be skeptical of it, and rightfully so.  After all, the former vice president of Pfizer believes it is crazy to be mass injecting the population with these devices over coronavirus.

Bill Gates has also has talked about part of the problem for Big Pharma is that people are not that ready to take some experimental jab that is neither safe nor effective.

Of course, Bill Gates has a clear conflict of interest in his pimping out vaccines.  He has a huge financial stake in it with a 20 to 1 return, and best of all for him, most of the $10 billion he invested in vaccines was other people’s money, stolen from them by governments around the world and given to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

It’s also clear that Gates doesn’t care how many people must die or experience adverse effects from vaccines.

Those reading this article cannot say they have not been warned.  We have had medical doctors, nurses and other medical professionals warning about vaccines in general for decades and we have had literally tens of thousands of medical professionals around the world warning about the experimental COVID injections… and yet, Big Pharma just can’t pimp out their products fast enough to get the money regardless of who suffers because of them.

Article posted with permission from Sons of Liberty Media

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