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Big Tech Ramps Up Censorship: The People Fight Back

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Big tech companies such as Google and Facebook are ramping up censorship of literally anything and anyone that does not toe the line and promote the official narrative.  They are attempting to hide the crimes of elitists and governments against humanity, but some are still determined to make this world a better and freer place.

Remember, the tyrants want one thing: to control you. Whoever controls perception, controls the world, and big tech and the mainstream media are both going to be shouldering at least some of the blame for the enslavement of mankind.  It’s easy to sell fear to the public. But there comes a time when it’s possible to fight back without violence.  That time is now.  All you have to do is live like the free sovereign human being you were born to be. Stop allowing them to censor you. Stop obeying their commands. Stop letting the media tell you to live in fear.

The elitists and politicians are losing control and pulling out their last cards. But the future is bright if we can get people to wake up and see it was all a facade.

After Brainwashing People For Decades, MSM and Governments Are Losing Control of People

London Real’s Brian Rose is one of those fighting against all odds to ensure freedom of speech prevails.


But it isn’t just Rose.  Tucker Carlson noticed the censorship has gone too far and said so on a mainstream media account.

What we all need to realize, is that this all ends when WE say it does.  We MUST start living our lives as free people and stop begging the tyrants for permission.  More and more people are realizing this every day and it’s panicking the government, elitists, and the mainstream media.  It’s time we turn the tables on them and make them fear us!

The real question is are you willing to fight for your freedom? Are you willing to stand up and disobey the orders of tyrants? Are you willing to remove their revenue streams by refusing to be stolen from? Or are you going to let the mainstream media scare you into a timid shell of a human being? Are you going to blindly follow the orders of the government even though they are morally reprehensible and downright wrong?

The choice is ours. We control our destiny, not the elitists barking the orders and it’s time we realize our power and take it back!

Article posted with permission from Mac Slavo

The Washington Standard

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