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Bill Gates Called Out For “Crimes Against Humanity’ & Attempted “Genocide” Via Vaccines By Italian MP (Video)

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A little over a week ago, an Italian MP stood before the Italian Parliament and declared that former CEO of Microsoft Bill Gates was engaged in attempted “genocide” via his push for mandatory vaccines and that he should be held accountable for “crimes against humanity.”

The video went viral and many tried to stop the damage, but it was too late.

The following if the video with subtitles in English.  You will also note that many of her colleagues sitting there like a bunch of monkeys with their masks on, began to be disturbed, probably due to the fact that possibly they were getting money from Gates.  WHO knows?

Gates has also been accused of greasing politicians with $10 million for speedy passage of compulsory vaccine bill.  Why?  Cause he’s looking to make a lot of money from it.

And then there are his ties to the eugenics movement.

Alex Newman of The New American commented on the content of the speech.

Within days, the powerful speech had been seen by millions of people worldwide. Establishment sources tried to ignore it, but some were eventually left attempting to downplay or discredit it. The fake fact-checking site “Snopes” even tried to claim it was “mostly false” by picking up on one phony headline claiming the Italian government wanted Gates arrested, and acting like that was the substance of the criticism.

Apparently MP Cunial’s fury was sparked after Nigerian lawmakers accused Gates, who she said had numerous conflicts of interest, of trying to bribe them into approving legislation that would force mandatory vaccines on the population there. Opposition parties in Nigeria blasted the “foreign-sponsored bill” and called for the speaker to be impeached if he attempted to force it on members despite the growing resistance.

A key part of the impassioned plea revolved around Gates’ support for forcing mandatory vaccines on all of humanity. In recent weeks, Gates has repeatedly declared on multiple television programs in the United States that the world could not go back to normal unless and until virtually everybody on the planet had been vaccinated with an as-yet undeveloped, experimental vaccine. 

In particular, MP Cunial slammed Gates-funded vaccine schemes that she said had “sterilized millions of women in African” and paralyzed about 500,000 children in India. The New American magazine has reported on those incidents, including a Gates-funded United Nations “tetanus vaccination” campaign in Kenya that was exposed by the Catholic Church as a covert sterilization program.

“Still today, Gates causes more death than the diseases,” she said, stating that genetically engineered crops (GMOs) were also a scheme backed by Gates and other criminals to sterilize people and reduce the global population.

Especially concerning, she said, are new mRNA vaccines backed by Gates, which have never been used before, that would be “tools for reprogramming our immune system.” Indeed, in Foreign Affairs, the mouthpiece for the globalist Council on Foreign Relations,Gates boasted about the prospect of editing people’s DNA using new technologies known as “CRISPR” — all “for good,” of course.

MP Cunial, a member of the populist Five Star Movement with a degree in industrial chemistry, was especially distressed about the effect of these schemes on innocent children. “It is our children who will lose more, who are ‘raped souls,’” the popular lawmaker warned, blasting the government’s “child protection” bureaucracy for its role in the abuse. “In this way, the right to school will be granted only with a bracelet to get them used to being supervised, to get them used to slavery and involuntary treatment.”

None of this is new information.  We’ve known for a while what Gates has been up to and reported on it in depth.

Newman went on to add:

Citing English philosopher Thomas Hobbes, the parliamentarian opened by noting that tyranny cannot be simply imposed from above, but must be accepted by individuals taught to feel safer by surrendering their liberty. On that note, she blasted the “corrupt mass media” and its efforts to brainwash and “anesthetize” the mind, to the point of regulating people’s emotions and feelings.

The Deep State media-induced hysteria has allowed the government to enact Gates-inspired tyrannical laws and policies that are contributing to mass death, misery, and poverty, she warned. “And, as in the best regimes, the blame is being put on citizens,” she added. “You take away our freedom and say that we asked for it. Divide and conquer.”

Of course, it is not just Gates involved in criminal activity, MP Cunial said. Pointing to the Nuremberg code used to prosecute National Socialists (Nazis), Cunial noted that involuntary medical treatments, illegal persecution, intimidation, facial-recognition schemes, and other abuses by government officials endorsed by “dogmatic scientism” were not to be tolerated and must be halted.

Ridiculing Gates as the self-styled “savior of the world,” Cunial suggested that the billionaire might have actually been involved in unleashing the pandemic. In 2018, she said, Gates “predicted a pandemic.” Then, the next year, Gates teamed up with the globalist World Economic Forum to host Event 201 at Johns Hopkins, she noted. This event featured an “imagined” a scenario eerily similar to what has unfolded in recent months — and participants almost all advocated the very tyrannical government, censorship, lockdowns, and other abuses now being deployed as the supposed solution.

“For decades, Gates has been working on depopulation and dictatorial control over global politics,” MP Cunial fumed, adding that the radical billionaire was hoping to achieve dominance over agriculture, technology, and energy in addition to healthcare. Cunial quoted now-infamous comments from Gates at a TED talk where he argued that doing a “really great job on new vaccines, healthcare, and reproductive health services [abortion], we could lower that [population growth worldwide] by perhaps 10 or 15 percent.”

“Only a genocide can save the world,” Cunial said in an effort to summarize Gates’ bizarre views, also blasting his links to 5G companies and suggesting the technology was part of the plot.

On top of all that, Gates is also trying to monitor and track the entire global population, Cunial warned. In particular, she blasted the billionaire’s efforts, including funding on research at MIT, to create and deploy a “quantum tattoo” put on the skin that would include individuals’ vaccine history and could be read by a smartphone.

Well, yes, he is, but so is the current administration.  As I reported in April:

“White House senior adviser Jared Kushner’s task force has reached out to a range of health technology companies about creating a national coronavirus surveillance system to give the government a near real-time view of where patients are seeking treatment and for what, and whether hospitals can accommodate them, according to four people with knowledge of the discussions.”

Whether you use a phone and government inserts itself between you or your doctor, the results are the same, violations of the protections of rights guaranteed under our Constitution.

Keep in mind that President Trump reauthorized the unpatriotic and lawless PATRIOT Act during the phony impeachment hearings, which should tell you that he’s just fine with surveilling you.

The point is this:  Bill Gates has been working with the Department of Defense, as well as DARPA in the development of a vaccine, and Trump is unconstitutionally calling up the military to be available to administer vaccines, something not authorized in the Constitution, and he is heading up Operation Warp Speed to slip a vaccine in a lot faster than normal.  And if you thought President Trump was anti-vaccine, you would be wrong, according to his own words.  These are simple facts.

Bill Gates has become an enemy of the people just as George Soros has become an enemy of the people.

Here’s a written translation of the speech given in the video above.

Hobbes told us that absolute power isn’t generated by a top-down imposition, but by the choice of individuals who feel safer by renouncing and giving their own liberty to other people.

By virtue of this, you keep anesthetizing the minds through bought-out mass media, disinfectant and NLP. With such words as regime, allow and permit, to the point of allowing yourselves to regulate our relationships and feelings by certifying our affections. So the Phase 2 is nothing more than the prosecution of the Phase 1, you just changed its name as already happened with ESM.

We have realized that people surely don’t die only due to the virus, and now one can suffer and die thanks to you, by the law, by misery and poverty. As in the best regimes, only the citizens themselves will be blamed. You take away our freedom, and you tell us we asked for it. To the cry of “divide and conquer.”

Our children are the ones paying the consequences, violated souls along with those who supposedly should guarantee their rights. They will only be allowed to go back to school only with bracelets to accustom them to liberty under surveillance – to enslaving compulsory medical treatments and virtual concentration camps instead of skates and a tablet.

(the congresspeople begin to rabble in protest)

And all to satisfy the appetite of a financial capitalism whose engine is the conflict of interests, represented by the WHO, whose first financier is the ‘world savior’ and well-known ‘philanthropist’ Bill Gates. We all know this by now.

Bill Gates in 2018 already prophesized a pandemic which has then been simulated, last October, during Event 201 in accordance with friends at Davos, and for many decades he has committed to develop a depopulation plan and to exercise a dictatorial control over global politics, aiming to obtain supremacy over agriculture, technology and energy.

He says literally from a declaration of his, “If we do a good job with the new vaccines, the healthcare, and reproductive health, we can reduce the world population by 10-15%.” He continues, “Only a genocide can save the world.” Thanks to his vaccines he succeeded in sterilizing millions of women in Africa and he gave rise to an epidemic of polio where he caused paralysis in half a million kids in India, and still today with his Dtap vaccines causes more death than the illness itself.

Likewise, with his sterilizing GMO designed by Monsanto and then ‘generously’ donated to the needy peoples. All that while he’s thinking about distributing quantum tattoos for facial recognition, and RNA vaccines as instruments to reprogram our immune systems, along with doing business with multinational corporations who own the 5G infrastructure in the USA.

So with this laid out, we find the Deep State in the Italian context. There’s the Sanofi which along with the already colluded Glaxo, are just to be clear, the friends of Guerra, Ricciardi and the well-known virologist who’s gaining 2k euros for every 10 minutes of their presentation on national television. They sign deals with medical societies to indoctrinate the upcoming doctors, while making fun of their independent judgement and their oaths. There are multinational high-tech companies such as Roman Engineering, which is the friend of the noble Mantoan, for the control and management of our health data in order to respect the European Agenda ID2020 of electronic identification, which uses mass vaccination to obtain a platform of digital ID. Fouund in continuation with the cession of data that Renzi started with IBM.

Renzi, I remember, back in 2016 gave 30% more to the Gates Global Foundation. There are the friends of Aspen like Sasson and Colao that with their 4-page reports were paid 800 euros per hour with no scientific revision, are dictating us their policies as the general of the Bilderberg Club far from the battlefield.

There would also be the Medtronic of Arcuri etc. The Italian contribution to the International Alliance to fight the Coronavirus will be 140 million euros, of which 120 to the Gavi Alliance, which is the non-profit created by the Gates Foundation. And this is just a part of the 7,4 billion euros raised by the European Commission to find vaccines against the coronavirus, which will be used for what I’ve described so far.

No way, obviously, for serotherapy could be employed, which has the side-effect of costing little money, without mentioning the real prevention that deals with our lifestyle, the way we eat and our relationship with the environment.

The true goal of all of this is total control, the absolute dominion over human beings, making them guinea-pigs and slaves, violating their sovereignty and their free will. All that through your deceptions dressed up like political compromising.

So while you break the Nuremberg code with compulsory sanitary treatments, humiliations, deportations and facial recognitions and intimidations, supported by scientific dogmatism protected by the pluri-president of the Republic, which is the true cultural epidemic in this country –

(the rabble increases in the background)

– We, out here with the citizens, will multiply the fires of resistance, in such a way that it will be impossible for you to repress all of us. I ask you to please –

(she is interrupted by the Speaker, who pleads for the rabblers to respect her right to express herself – to the applause of many other members – and asks her to conclude)

In conclusion, I’m asking you, Mr. President, to be the spokesman for a message to our president Conte: “Dear President Conte, the next time you receive a call from the ‘philanthropist’ Bill Gates, please send it directly to the International Penal Court for crimes against Humanity – otherwise, tell us how we should define the “lawyer who receives orders from a criminal.” Thank you.

Article posted with permission from Sons of Liberty Media

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