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Why Did Billionaire George Soros Sell 37% of His Stock to Buy Gold? (Video)

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George Soros can be called many things, most of which are too inappropriate to put out to the public, among them is the nickname “The Currency Killer,” but I’ve never heard him mistakenly called a “legendary American Investor” before, as the Next News Network does in the video below. I suppose there has to be a first time for everything though, right? Has Gary Franchi ever heard Soros speak? Does Soros sound even remotely American for the love of Pete? Technically, Soros holds dual citizenship in his home country of Hungary and the U.S., so Franhi is not incorrect to call Soros an American, but to call him a “legendary American” makes my stomach churn. Perhaps that’s just me.

Anyway, in the video, Franchi discusses how Soros, the “legendary billionaire and front man for the Bilderberg Group, and sometimes referred to as ‘The Currency Killer’” (a more appropriate description I think) recently sold off 37% of his stocks, and bought gold and gold stocks with the proceeds. What can we learn from that? PLENTY! Check out the video first:

Even though gold the price of gold is quoted in terms of U.S. Dollars (for now anyway), there is no “direct” relevance to the U.S. Dollar according to Juan Carlos Artigas, director of investment research at the World Gold Council. With that said, Gold’s moves are sometimes linked to the dollar, because the metal often trades inversely to moves in the greenback.When investors fear the U.S. Dollar is losing power (or on the verge of implosion in this case), they rush to gold to hedge their bets, and vice versa. Another tool many people have been flocking to as a means to hedge the U.S. Dollar is silver, because 1) it’s less expensive than gold and selling at a historically low price right now; and 2) when the big collapse does come, it will be easier to barter with small denominations of silver, than it will be with gold which is currently selling for over $1,200 per ounce.

In the video, Gary Franchi discussed one option some people are beginning to take advantage of that allows for them to 1) capitalize on the gold market in particular; and 2)still be able to barter in gold when the time comes without ever having to carry way too much. That option involves having credit cards custom made with gold actually embedded within the cards themselves in various amounts of gold grams as pictured below.

One year ago, Market Watch reported:

“Changes in global markets and the structure of the gold market should soften the dollar’s influence on gold in the long run,” said Artigas.

Part of the changes he mentions is the rise of Asia as a trading hub for gold. “Traditionally, Western markets were at the center of trade,” Artigas told MarketWatch.

But “in recent years, we have seen increased interest in trading hubs in the East,” including the establishment of the Shanghai Gold Exchange, and the Singapore Gold Exchange.

Nation Multimedia reported:

Last week China launched its yuan-denominated gold benchmark – with twice-daily auctions on the Shanghai Gold Exchange (SGE) to fix the price of gold.


It means that just because sociopaths like Barack Obama, and his band of clapping seals in the U.S. mainstream media haven’t been saying anything about the crumbling economic power of the U.S., doesn’t mean the rest of planet earth isn’t FULLY aware the that the U.S. is about to be SCREWED when it is no longer able to conduct trade with worthless U.S. Dollars and no gold.

If people chose to be skeptical of writers like myself who have been ringing the bell about an impending U.S. collapse for the last year or two, that’s certainly their prerogative. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, even if it has no basis in facts, and the math doesn’t make sense to a 3rd grader. For everyone else, may I direct your attention to the FACTS. The man known as “The Currency Killer” just sold off 37% of his stocks and used the proceeds to buy gold, which often TRADES INVERSELY to the U.S. Dollar.



How do you suppose billionaires become billionaires? Let me be more specific… How do you suppose billionaires, particularly ones nicknamed “The Currency Killer” became billionaires? Do you think it’s by being well educated on the global currency markets and IGNORING the clapping seals in the U.S. mainstream media, or by listening to pundits on Fox News or CNBC? There is a damn good reason Peter Schiff says the collapse of the U.S. Dollar will be the SINGLE BIGGEST EVENT in all of human history. Get on board folks and begin to prepare, or have no one to blame but yourself for what happens when you get steam rolled.


Conquering the Collapse is an extensive guide, covering everything from why we should prepare, how a collapse may happen, what civilization may look like in its aftermath, and what steps you can take to not only prepare ahead of time, but how you’ll survive and thrive during the reconstruction and rebuilding that follows.

Article posted with permission from The Last Great Stand. Article by Michael DePinto.

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