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Blaine Cooper: I Will Not Follow Through With Plea Deal for My Role at Malheur Refuge

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At the beginning of July, Blaine Cooper, who was involved in the Bundy Ranch Siege and also the occupation of the Malheur Wildlife Reserve in Oregon, pled guilty to a charge for his role at the Oregon refuge. Now, Cooper has come out and said he will not follow through with the plea deal.

In an exclusive interview with The Pete Santilli Show, Cooper said that his attorney has agreed to have another lawyer speak with him because Mr. Cooper does not believe he was fairly represented during plea negotiations in Nevada.

Cooper, who faces up to 20 years if Judge Gloria Navarro decides not to follow the governments recommendations, says he does not trust the advice his attorney gave him and believes Navarro will throw the book at him if he goes through with the plea and faces her for sentencing. Cooper is not willing to trust her with his life after seeing the way she treated him during the hearing to change his plea.


“I am going to do whatever I can to pull my plea agreement here in the State of Nevada,” Cooper said.

In speaking with other attorney, Cooper added, “They believe I’ve had ineffective counsel and my attorney has not defended my rights the way he should have. He has not contacted people I have told him to contact. He has clearly (inaudible) my case, as well as was told by him to lie and admit guilt in a courtroom to a crime I did not commit.”

“I’ve clearly been railroaded,” Cooper continued. “I am disgusted and disturbed that my attorney would allow this to happen to his client, and this is why the federal government has such a high conviction rate because they plea people out for crimes they didn’t commit and put them in fear, as the prosecution has put me in fear.”

Cooper wanted his statements to be on record and published in the media that he was going to pull his plea based on these things.

There is no doubt that the central government played a role in everything that went down in both Nevada and Oregon. In fact, documented evidence demonstrates that both the Oregon governor and the White House were involved in orchestrating the ambush that led to the arrest of several men and the death of LaVoy Finicum.

Cooper should be encouraged for renouncing the plea deal and we should all be participating in both writing, encouraging and helping to fund those who took a stand and are facing prison as political prisoners under a criminal central government. For more on how you can help Blaine Cooper and others, click here.

Tim Brown

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