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BLM/Antifa Protesters Attack Children’s Hospital in Houston – Terrorize Children (Video)

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There are no words. One can hardly imagine the terror of the children in that hospital, the parents. And in the video, one particular parent and child trying to leave the hospital.

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Dem ‘protesters’ terrorize father and child, threaten to burn Jewish area

M. Dowling, The Independent Sentinel June 6, 2020

The “largely peaceful” protests are violent and chaotic. The last thing they are is peaceful regardless of what we’ve been told. The media and the politicians are lying to you. The ‘protesters’ are out there to scream and rant while demanding you believe in their leftist values. They don’t know George Floyd and couldn’t care less about him.

Don’t believe your lying eyes, the media says.


One mob outside a children’s’ hospital in Houston terrorized a father and his small child as they came out to their car. They sounded like barbarians coming in to pillage as the child screamed in fear.

As the father pulled away, they threw bricks at his windshield.

They’re THUGS.

Watch the Democrats:

Article posted with permission from Pamela Geller

The Washington Standard

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