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Blue Collar Workers, Truckers, Professionals & Others Looking To Strike November 8-11

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How many Americans remember the attempted trucker “strike” and shutdown of Washington, DC in 2013? Attempted is being used because as a family that were owner/operators of a small trucking company during that time, the word was spread throughout the routes driven at all truck stops visited. Many over-the-road, company and owner/operator drivers used many excuses to either keep on the road or not participate by parking their rigs. Many said, “I can’t afford to stop running” while accepting payment for loads that would put them in the red. Others said, “My company won’t let us stop” while drivers of different types of rigs (box, tractor/trailer, flatbeds, etc.) bickered about the need for more reimbursement based on the type of outfit (rig) being operated. Yes, there were many who parked their rigs or went to DC for a weekend; however, there were not enough to “impress” the criminals in the corrupt capitol to make a difference.

Now, with injection mandates looming, a “shutdown” of the supply chain will be attempted again on November 8th through November 11th, 2021, to show the American people the impact these unconstitutional, unlawful injection mandates will have on everyday lives.

Listen to the podcast by The MAGA Institute with guest Attorney Leigh Dundas.


Being called Axe the Vax Walkout, employees from all types of occupations – health care, education, telecom, public sector employees, and supply chain/transport – whose employers are unlawfully and unconstitutionally mandating these gene therapy injections are organizing this “nationwide strike”. Americans could be witnessing those who generate electricity, run the airports, stock stores, transport and manufacture goods, as well as other “blue-collar workers” and professionals walk off the job for four days. Are you prepared should this happen?

When goods and other services deliveries are shut down for four days, it could take two to four weeks for the system to recover.

The MAGA Institute reported:

As people who have been paying attention know, there are NO FDA-approved shots currently available in the United States. FDA played bait-and-switch with two smoke and mirrors letters issued the same day to provide political cover for corrupt politicians and corporations to begin mandating that people get jabbed…or else.

What actually occurred was that the first letter concerned a Biological License Application (BLA) was approved, to permit marketing of COMIRNATY, which is NOT currently available in the United States, provided that the marketing materials are subsequently approved. The second letter said that the Pfizer/BioNTech formulation was clinically identical to COMIRNATY. It did NOT “approve” the Pfizer/BioNTech injection.

That is the reason they’re dropping the hammer so hard and so fast to now coerce people into getting jabbed after months of cajoling them with freebies. Speed is their only ally. The longer you resist, the less time they will have to compel your compliance, because the lawsuits currently working their way through the legal system will enjoin them from requiring injections.

Leigh said that the best recourse people who are having their livelihoods threatened by their employer is to find likeminded fellow employees and resist en masse. There truly is power in numbers, as the recent experience at Southwest Airlines proved. Many employees of large employers have set up websites to organize their resistance strategy. If your company is mandating you get jabbed and either doesn’t have an employee group or you don’t know whether you already have an organized effort underway, go to vaxmandateinfo.com to be connected with your fellow employees and join this national strike.

We need everyone to text FREEDOM to 53-445 to receive the information flyer that you can then share via text, email, or social media. This needs to be a ground-up rebellion by us all and you can do your part by sharing the information with your family, friends, and acquaintances in your sphere of influence. We’re asking everyone to share the flyer with at least 100 people and to ask them to do the same, so we can circumvent the corrupt corporate media propagandists and get everyone nationwide to connect the effect (empty shelves) with its cause (mandates). This is how we win.

CLICK HERE to connect with Leigh Dundas and follow her on social media.

Whether you have taken the injection or not, the issue is the freedom for every individual to choose what medical treatment he or she decides is best for his or her health. The right, given by God, to bodily autonomy is recognized, guaranteed and protected by the Fourth and Ninth Amendments of the Constitution for the united States of America. No man, company, corporation, or government entity has the “right” or authority to trample your God-given individual unalienable rights. Corporations, companies, and government entities are given privileges by the government, which is We the People in the united States. Any man or entity that seeks to trample your rights is a tyrant and violator of the law, a criminal, and should be viewed and treated as such.

Granted, this is long overdue and should have been done when unlawful, unconstitutional face diaper policies were initiated. It’s good that it is being done now.

So, what can you do to support this effort?

If you are retired, a domestic engineer, home-schooler, or currently unemployed, do not purchase any products, supplies, or use any services on those days, unless it is an emergency. Prepare for any disruption in electrical and gas services. Disruptions in those services may not happen, but be prepared. Stock up on goods, if you have not already, to last for at least two months. For those who have been anticipating this type of scenario for some time now, you should be in good shape.

Text FREEDOM to 53-445 to get the information and flyer that you can pass along on social media, via e-mail, text or by print to family, friends, and your community.

Own your language. If you have taken the injection because of fear, propaganda, and recommendation by family, friends or medical community, remember, you were not forced. You chose to do so for whatever reason. However, you are not locked into taking further injections known as “boosters”, which will be mandated as well. Stand up now for everyone’s freedom to choose his or her medical treatment and for sovereign bodily autonomy based upon God’s moral law. Stand for informed consent and reject the use of any experimental medical treatment on the public at large. Stand with those who have not taken the injection in order to protect liberties. The injections are experimental, under emergency use authorization and cannot be mandated, period. Even if “approved” (whatever that means from the Food and Drug Administration), no government entity, corporation or individual has the authority or right to deny you the freedom of choice concerning medical treatment – lawyers, judges, and States be damned!

If you are employed in transporting goods or services via over-the-road or local trucking, regardless of what type of rig you operate, this message is for you.

Many of you kept operating at a time when it was important to stand for freedom and send a message to the District of Corruption. It’s understandable when under threat of unemployment or when there is a family to support and bills to pay. Now, the price is higher. If you capitulate to this gene therapy injection to save your job, you most likely will be looking to lose your life in the future. Who will support your family and pay the bills then? Capitulation would also mean giving power to the beast system to further infringe upon your bodily sovereignty and integrity, as well as embolden the beast system to infringe others’ bodily sovereignty. It would be akin to feeding a crocodile in hopes he will eat you last. The true wisdom in the previous statement is the crocodile is going to eat you regardless, unless you deal with the crocodile. In other words, the beast system is going to defile you, enslave you and kill, regardless of capitulation or not, unless you deal with the beast system by standing up, being counted, and say “no”.

If you have taken the injection already, you should stand for the freedom and right for every individual to make their own choice regarding medical treatment, not have that choice removed, infringed or made by some bureaucrat – medical or otherwise. To sit idly by is to condone medical tyranny. You are not required to take any further injections. The injections are experimental, under emergency use authorization and cannot be mandated, period. Even if “approved” (whatever that means from the Food and Drug Administration), no government entity, corporation or individual has the authority or right to deny you the freedom of choice concerning medical treatment – lawyers, judges, and States be damned!

There is power in numbers. With all the individuals willing to stand up and be heard, walk out in protest and say no to any type of medical mandate, there is not a good reason to relinquish your liberty.

Many Americans were disappointed in 2013 when so few “truckers” stood for liberty. Standing firm in 2013 could have meant defeating the crushing regulations, under which you now operate, made by the unconstitutional agency, the Department of Transportation. How many big rig operators have closed their businesses since then? How many left the trucking industry because of those regulations? How many closed in California? How many could have been saved?

This is where the rubber meets the road and the pedal is put to the metal. You either stand now or be prepared to submit in slavery going forward. The choice is yours. And, make no mistake, it is a choice. There will be no using the excuse of “force”, “had to” or “mandated” in order to keep a job. Newsflash – you are going to lose that job anyway when the powers that be decide that you are no longer wanted in that job. You will be replaced with cheaper workers, illegal alien invaders, and artificial intelligence. Let that sink in!

Now, for everyone else regardless of your type of employment, it’s time to decide what is more important.

If you are a business owner or work-at-home individual, stand in solidarity for freedom by closing your business and/or cease your work from home on those days. For those who work in the identified professionals, trade workers, and others choosing to stand against unlawful, unconstitutional mandates and reject the experimentation upon the entire public, stand with your colleagues, co-workers and friends. It doesn’t matter if you have taken the injection; you should stand for everyone’s freedom to choose their own medical treatment, not have it dictated to them by those who do not possess the right or authority to do so.

Those in the medical community should take this opportunity to “come clean” and expose the truth about masks, the injections, and the commitment to “first do no harm” while standing for the rights of the patients to choose their own medical treatment, have proper informed consent, and be free of discrimination for their health care decisions. To do anything less makes you complicit in the crimes against the people, meaning you do not deserve to have a license to practice in the medical field and should be held criminally responsible for your participation. Stand in solidarity with your colleagues, co-workers, friends, and patients. You, by virtue of the education received, know the facts; but, for whatever reason, you choose to ignore the facts, deny your education, and follow the narrative presented to you. In turn, you present this narrative to your patients – Shame on you. It’s time to speak the truth.

Regardless of opinion, there is nothing that happens that should attempt to remove the rights of the people given by God – not safety, not an illness, not a pandemic, not someone’s intent of doing “good”, not the “betterment of society”, etc. When someone subscribes to the idea or opinion that another’s rights should be eradicated/removed/violated/erased/trampled for any of the above reasons, that someone has become a tyrant, an enemy, deserving to be treated as such. Moreover, when that occurs and the violated individual suffers injury or death, the violator should be arrested, charged, and prosecuted for their crimes. In the case of death of the violated individual, the violator, upon application of due process, if found guilty, should suffer the punishment of death per God’s law.

Now is the time to decide which side on which you will stand – following, supporting and upholding the Constitution or being lawless. There will be no excuses for choosing lawlessness.

Article posted with permission from Sons of Liberty Media

Suzanne Hamner

Suzanne Hamner (pen name) is a registered nurse, grandmother of 4, and a political independent residing in the state of Georgia, who is trying to mobilize the Christian community in her area to stand up and speak out against tyrannical government, invasion by totalitarian political systems masquerading as religion and get back to the basics of education.
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