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Bribed Biden Asks for ANOTHER $40 Billion in Additional Nazi Ukraine Aid

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40 billion to Ukraine but nothing for Hawaii. Make it stop. Americans are underwater – we can’t pay our taxes let alone our gas, electric, food etc bills. But bribery Biden’s billions flow out weekly to that dictatorial hellhole.

Seniors in the USA are told to brace for far lower social security payment boost in 2024 but hundreds of billions for Ukraine.

NBC: The White House unveiled a nearly $40 billion supplemental funding request on Thursday to provide additional aid to Ukraine and respond to natural disasters, including wildland firefighter pay and border management. The White House is seeking $12 billion for ongoing disaster relief, $60 million to cover pay increases for firefighters and $3.9 billion to address border and migration issues. Biden’s request also seeks over $24 billion in additional funding for Ukraine’s slow-moving defense against Russia’s illegal invasion. In the nearly 18 months since Russian troops poured over Ukrainian borders, the U.S. has unleashed a war chest worth more than $43 billion to bolster Kyiv’s arsenal (CNBC).

Bloomberg: Bipartisan support for Ukraine aid has held steady in the US Senate, but the funding has become controversial in the House, where McCarthy has promised not to bring an assistance package to the floor if it skirts defense-spending caps set in the May debt-ceiling agreement (Bloomberg).




Article by Pamela Geller

The Washington Standard

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