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Businesses Already Defying Tyrant & Illegitimate Biden’s Unlawful “Vaccine” Mandates

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Private businesses with more than 100 employees were commanded by the ruling class to ensure their entire workforce is fully “vaccinated” with the vaccine that’s actually a gene therapy. But businesses are already saying “no” in the face of tyranny.

Under Biden’s new plan to fight the pandemic, companies with 100 or more employees have to ensure their workforce is fully vaccinated or have any unvaccinated worker get a negative Covid-19 test at least once a week. Businesses that do not comply risk getting fined, reportedly, up to $14,000 per violation. -RT

Popular United States news and commentary website The Daily Wire said it will not enforce President Joe Biden’s “tyrannical” plan to have large companies require their employees get vaccinated or tested every week for Covid. “The Daily Wire does have more than 100 employees but we won’t be enforcing Joe Biden’s unconstitutional and tyrannical vaccine mandate,” the website’s co-founder and co-CEO Jeremy Boreing said in a video on Twitter. “That’s it. We’ll use every tool at our disposal, including legal action, to resist.”

Not only is Biden’s mandated unconstitutional (as if the ruling class even gives a damn anyway) it’s a violation of the most basic of human rights. The biggest problem for the ruling class right now is that the harder they push, the more pushback they are going to get. People obviously don’t want whatever is in those syringes injected into their bodies for a disease being shown to be a hoax in the first place, and if it is real, by their own numbers has a 99.99% survival rate.

Boreing argued that the president’s effort to enforce vaccination is undemocratic and pointed to a report by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that more than 70% of American adults had already received at least one dose of the vaccine by early August. “So Joe Biden has no compelling reason to encroach on our liberties,” he said. -RT

So here’s the real question: if the ruling class is telling the truth, and 70% of the population has had at least one dose of the gene therapy, then why push so hard? The fact that they are going to completely go to war with people who simply don’t want to take a shot is telling. This shot is the agenda. It’s not just part of it. This is it. They need us to take it. The next real question, is why?

Not to mention:

No one is asking the real questions that need to be asked. They are rolling over, bowing down to their master, taking the shot, and complying. This is turning out to be one of the biggest crimes against humanity ever, in human history, especially if these vaccines are anything other than a gene therapy.

The businesses need to stand up, not comply, and not pay the fine. And we the people had better be ready to stand together and help our fellow Americans who are going to need it.

This is what we have prepared for. For ourselves, to withstand abject tyranny, and to hopefully have enough that we can aid as many others as possible in creating a society worth living in. Buckle up, folks. The shit is literally about to hit the fan, and it is time to be ready for it.

We saw this coming. We are prepared. Now it’s time to help those who didn’t think they’d see the illusion of freedom blown up right in their faces. These people are going to need help coping and preparing. It’s time to put aside our differences and choose morality over legality and serve our fellow human beings that they see as slaves. It is time for the slaves to stand together an refuse to be slaves any longer.

Don’t be afraid. Stand in the freedom you know is your birthright. There are a lot of us who have prepared for this moment and many of us are willing to help if we can. Even if it means leaving their prison society.

We’ve been slaves for a long time. None of us are free and none of us on this planet ever have been. Now is the time to let them know their time ruling us is over. People have finally started to figure it out. That’s what they are truly afraid of.

Article posted with permission from Mac Slavo

The Washington Standard

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