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Cabbages, Kings, and Tactical Civics™

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Over time, stupidity kills civilizations. It sometimes strikes me that we Americans may be the stupidest people in history, or at least up there among the top few.

There is a difference between ignorance and stupidity; the former can be remedied by study; the latter cannot. Stupidity is a conscious choice. It’s where we get the words ‘blockhead’ and ‘recalcitrant’.

On the eternal level, the Bible clearly directs us to avoid certain things and to do other things. Mostly, for about the first eight generations after landing here, we Americans followed those directives pretty well. But for the past five generations we have increasingly rebelled against all that God-stuff. Now, we’re paying the price.

So that’s one level of stupidity. Eternal stuff. But then there’s the temporal level of stupidity.

For instance, consider the first three words of the U.S. Constitution: “We The People”… and then, “do ordain and establish…”. In other words, when it comes to governments in this republic, We The People are the big boss.

In that highest law for all public servants, We The People stipulate very clear, concise orders. We create the federal servant branches, then we define and severely limit them. And that includes presidents and federal judges. They work for us. They have to obey the Constitution.

Even if you are unemployed and financially hard up, or 89 years old and long retired, or 17 years old and unable to vote, whatever your skin color or religious belief, you are one of ‘We The People’ and so you are the boss of the president. You are the boss of the chief justice of the U.S. supreme court and of all those lesser lights in Congress or your state legislature. But of course, all of them love to be called, “The Honorable…”, or “Mr. President”.

Well, don’t!

I never used titles of nobility or distinction with my employees Carter, Reagan, Bush I, Clinton, Bush II or Obama. And although I like him better than those others because he is not a politician, I will not use a fancy title with Mr. Trump, either. He may be a billionaire, but he still works for us and he must obey the Constitution. To the extent he does, I will thank and salute him for his excellent service. But I will always remember that it’s his job description, and it was his promise in his inaugural address.

I don’t care what the style manual or your English teacher tells you to do; when you address any public servant whether federal judge, president, state legislator, or city dog-catcher, you should use their last name as any employer would do with any employee.

One bedrock principle of Tactical Civics™ is that We The People have perverted our office – the highest office in the land. We have desired monarchs, so we have had them — right down to our imperious, corrupt city councils and school boards.

Most of us never learned rudimentary American civics, so we are merely ignorant. That is easily remedied by study. We offer the free eBook Fear The People, the small PDF booklet Tactical Civics and many more remedial resources on our websites.

Begin right where you are, fellow American. Learn remedial civics; then tell others. We have many restoration projects planned ahead, and Mr. Trump can become an historic president if he chooses to be the champion of those projects — including our proposed Bring Congress Home Act.

All of these restoration projects will be led by the People. None of them will be directed by our servants.

Do you like Donald Trump? I do too. But we cannot afford to be lovesick puppies trailing behind The Donald as though he is an emperor. All of the transformative powers to be exercised in coming years must be exercised by the Big Boss; yes, We The People. But this unprecedented non-politician in the White House can be a huge help by championing our projects as a single figurehead.

Beginning today, never again address your corrupt servants in the statehouse or on Capitol Hill as “the Honorable”. Americans are in this huge mess of our own making, and repairing the ruins begins with knowing who is boss. Right there, as we stipulate in the opening words of our highest law, is the most powerful and basic American civics.

“We The People…do ordain” is what we said, and now it’s about time we do some ordaining.

Article by David Zuniga

The Washington Standard

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