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You (and Caesar) in the Grip of Fear

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I’m daily amazed at the fear that grips Americans today. Now, while I agree that every unbeliever would be wise to live in fear, I’m referring to my fellow Christians, who these days seem to think the end of the world is just around the corner. Every day.

For years, I’ve tried to have my fellow Christians and constitutionalists grasp the seminal event of all subsequent American history: Lincoln’s War to Enslave the States. I try to get them to imagine a war today between a terrible new Washington D.C. army and the American People. Imagine a combined death toll of 7.5 million over four years. Imagine 50% of all property in America destroyed in those four years!

Adjusted for population growth, that is what it would be like to live through another Lincoln administration today, with his industry and banking handlers running the show. You should thank God that despite being under His well-deserved judgment, we are in no such condition today. Regardless of what you believe is on the horizon, I very much doubt that it will reach that level of carnage and destruction.

As we recruit people to join AmericaAgain! and begin the long, vital process of rebuilding these 150-year-old ruins of Lincoln and Marx, many Americans prefer to curl up in fear. This is the odd and perplexing nature of a people under the judgment of God. Yet it is Caesar – it is the enemies of Christ and the Constitution – who are actually in fear today, and for good reason.

About a year ago, Christian philanthropist and entrepreneur Rod D. Martin wrote a blog article entitled ‘Why Does Caesar Hate Us?’, which I will quote at length here:

(The Church is) terrible as an army with banners; a fact that Christ’s enemies see quite clearly: an enormous number of people who:

  1. Hold a moral code that is immutable and demanding of loyalty and even sacrifice in the face of any contrary social convention or law;
  2. Voluntarily gather every week, in hundreds of thousands of auditoria, to hear lectures on that code and its application;
  3. Reach into all professions and every area of human endeavor, transforming them according to standards beyond any human opinion or control.

Caesar saw this quite clearly. He saw it as a political threat, and no quantity of reassurance that ‘My kingdom is not of this world’ would placate him. People who refuse to change their beliefs at society’s whim are dangerous: at best they challenge the conscience; at worst they represent an existential threat to a state or a civil order gone bad.

Nor does that threat need be of armed rebellion, though clearly Caesar feared such. Christianity works its way through society and institutions like yeast through dough. It changes what it touches. It is the most revolutionary force in the history of the world.

If you’re invested in some different order, you feel the need to rip Christianity out root and branch. Robespierre did. Stalin did. The Chinese Communist Party does. And growing numbers within the American left do now, as well.

This revolutionary transformation is the real work of the Church, whether seen from a Creation Mandate or a Great Commission perspective (indeed, these are really just two sides of the same Gospel coin). We are each and all helping our Father finish His Creation, of both the physical world and the fallen men within it. The gates of Hell itself will not prevail against Him, or us.”

My fearful brother or sister, heed those words – and let us put hands to the work, in fullness of joy!

Article by David Zuniga

The Washington Standard

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