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California Democrats Face Backlash for Blocking Crime Initiative from November Ballot

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Democrats continue to do everything they can to increase crime and hurt the people.  In every state that they control, such games are being played, as the people are raped, attacked and even killed.

California’s Democratic leaders are facing criticism for their aggressive strategy to derail a criminal justice initiative from appearing on the November ballot. The contentious proposal in question is the Homelessness, Drug Addiction and Theft Charged Restitution Talent Issue (HDATRTI), which has become a focal point in a larger debate over how to address the state’s increasing retail theft issues and drug-related crimes.

The tactic employed by Democratic Assembly Speaker Robert Rivas and Senate President Pro Tem Mike McGuire involves a legislative “kill switch” that would render a series of anti-theft bills ineffective if the HDATRTI passes. This move has been interpreted as a blatant attempt to prevent the initiative from reaching voters, thus denying them a chance to weigh in on the issue directly. This maneuver suggests a confidence among Democratic leaders in their legislative supermajority, enabling them to manipulate legislative outcomes to their advantage, which has raised questions about their transparency and accountability.

California has been grappling with a rise in retail thefts that not only impact business owners but also lead to higher prices for consumers. In response, a bipartisan effort produced a package of 14 bills aimed at addressing this issue through various measures. These measures include tougher sentences for severe retail crimes, consolidating multiple thefts into a single charge to meet felony thresholds, easier prosecution of vehicle break-ins, permanent establishment of a retail crimes task force, and allowing businesses to obtain restraining orders against repeat offenders.

The HDATRTI itself targets Proposition 47, a 2014 initiative that aimed to reduce prison overcrowding by reclassifying certain non-violent offenses. The new measure would introduce a “treatment-mandated felony” classification, allowing for felony charges after two drug-related offenses, with the option of treatment programs as an alternative to incarceration. It also proposes increased penalties for trafficking hard drugs like fentanyl and the possibility of murder charges for dealers if sales result in death, as well as heightened consequences for serious retail thefts.

Opponents argue that passing the HDATRTI could reverse important criminal justice reforms, potentially filling prisons with minor offenders, disproportionately affecting Black individuals and people of color. This aspect of the debate has been somewhat overshadowed by the Democratic leadership’s tactics, which have been criticized for undermining the democratic process.

The situation has already caused rifts within the Democratic Party. For instance, State Senator Marie Alvardo-Gil publicly withdrew her support for two of the retail theft bills, objecting to amendments that would nullify them should the HDATRTI pass. Meanwhile, proponents of the initiative are rallying to ensure it reaches voters, accusing Democratic leaders of deceitful practices.

This controversy not only tests the strength of the Democratic Party’s strategy but also highlights a broader dissatisfaction with how public safety and criminal justice are being handled in California. It’s a critical moment that calls for a reevaluation of tactics and possibly a more inclusive approach to policymaking that considers the concerns and voices of all Californians.  As President Trump loves to say ‘ Everything Democrats control turns to shit’.  Crime makes his point quite effectively.  Every city and state that the Democrats control, has seen massive crime increases, and the Democrat Party only wants more of the same policies that are driving millions from their cities to the so-called red cities and states, where there is still some law and order.

Major Points

  • California’s Democratic leaders are using legislative tactics to prevent a tough-on-crime initiative, the Homelessness, Drug Addiction and Theft Reduction Act, from appearing on the November ballot.
  • They propose a “kill switch” in a package of anti-theft bills that would become ineffective if the initiative passes, aiming to dissuade support for the measure.
  • The initiative seeks to modify Proposition 47 by introducing stricter penalties for drug trafficking and repeat theft offenses, including a new “treatment-mandated felony” category.
  • Critics argue that the Democratic strategy undermines democratic processes and could reverse important criminal justice reforms, potentially increasing the prison population with minor offenders.
  • The controversy has caused divisions within the Democratic Party and fueled criticism that party leaders are ignoring broader public concerns about crime and public safety in California.

James Kravitz – Reprinted with permission of Whatfinger News

The Washington Standard

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