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California Looks To Make Physician Participation In Euthanasia Mandatory

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Many at The Sons of Liberty Media have been warning about euthanasia, aka physician-assisted murder or murder by physician, coming to more US States than the current ones that have laws on the books “regulating” this travesty. This issue hasn’t received much attention despite the warnings as many may believe it is a “choice” for the individual, just like murdering babies in the womb, and a “choice” for physicians to participate or not. However, the State of California may soon put an end to “physician choice” to participate with SB 340.

LifeNews.com reported the story.

When activists successfully legalized assisted suicide in California, they persuaded the California Medical Association to shift from opposition to neutrality with the promise that no doctor would be forced to participate. But here’s the thing with assisted suicide: Such promises are made to be broken.

Now that assisted suicide is well-ensconced in California culture, a bill has been filed that would destroy medical conscience for doctors who oppose assisted suicide. From SB 380 (new text in italics) [and underlined]:

(3) If a health care provider is unable or unwilling to carry out a qualified individual’s request under this part and the qualified individual transfers care to a new health care provider or health care facility, the individual’s medical records shall be provided to the individual and, upon the individual’s request, timely transferred with documentation of the date of the individual’s request for a prescription for aid-in-dying drug in the medical record, pursuant to law.

(4) Failure to provide information about medical aid in dying to an individual who requests it, or failure to refer upon the individual’s request to another health care provider or health care facility that is willing to provide the information, is considered a failure to obtain informed consent for subsequent medical treatments.

(5) Neither a health care provider nor a health care facility shall engage in false, misleading, or deceptive practices relating to a willingness to qualify an individual or provide a prescription to a qualified individual under this part. Intentionally misleading an individual as to the willingness of a provider or facility to participate under this part constitutes coercion or undue influence.

Here is what that would mean. A physician who refused to prescribe poison to a legally qualified patient — perhaps because of religious beliefs or wanting to simply follow the Hippocratic Oath — would be obliged upon the patient’s request to find another doctor he or she knows is willing to prescribe. In other words, finding the participating M.D. would be the doctor’s responsibility, not the patient’s.

Refuse that complicity and the doctor could face being sued for malpractice or being subjected to professional discipline. If the patient claimed the doctor falsely asserted he would participate in assisted suicide, he or she could face an even more egregious penalty for engaging in “coercion or undue influence.”

If this bill becomes law — and there is little reason to think it won’t considering how radical California’s legislature has become — every doctor in California could be forced to be complicit in ending patients’ lives as a condition of continuing in their profession and/or being able to obtain malpractice insurance.

Among other great harms, such a public policy could cause a serious brain drain. Think about it. Doctors with decades of experience treating the most serious illnesses might well decide to retire rather than be forced to engage in lethal activities they consider immoral, unethical, and/or in violation of their religious beliefs.

So, with the stroke of pens to write legislation, the votes in the legislature, and following the stellar example of Canada, as well as other “sophisticated” nations, the abomination of murder by physician will become a “treatment” that when requested by the patient, the doctor is “forced” to provide. Even if the physician would not participate in the actual “procedure”, the physician will be “forced” to refer the patient to another physician who will. This is the price paid for “appeasing” those who will never be “appeased”. After all, since when did any politician or lobby group stick to their original compromise.

This was warned about in previous articles at The Sons of Liberty Media.

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And the list goes on. Type “euthanasia” into the search box at The Sons of Liberty Media site and you will see writers exposed it as a problem on the horizon. Yet, the warnings have largely gone unheeded. Well, here it is that California will now “force” physicians to participate directly or indirectly, regardless of personal or religious views. In other words, murder of certain individuals will be legal as long as the government regulates it.

Hitler’s Nazi Germany “regulated” the murder of Jews, the mentally ill, the physically disabled, the Gypsies, the “Slavs”, the sodomites and homosexuals, and other “unsavory” populations. Being that it was “legal” because it was “regulated” by government, did that make it morally or ethically acceptable? No. Oh, but the argument now is that it is acceptable when an individual requests it so doctors need to honor it. At what point will government and depopulation activists contend that if this is acceptable upon the patient request, it would be acceptable to “require” individuals choose this “treatment” at a certain point in an illness?

Don’t believe for one moment that won’t be considered down the line. “When activists successfully legalized assisted suicide in California, they persuaded the California Medical Association to shift from opposition to neutrality with the promise that no doctor would be forced to participate.” Did anyone think that the acceptance of murdering babies in the womb would lead to the acceptance and promotion of infanticide – murder of babies shortly after birth/during birth or leaving helpless newborns to die shortly afterward? As we have seen, many in this depraved, demoralized society are promoting this and many State governments are working to codify it.

But, if we look at recent history, we can be almost assured that physicians and nurses will not utter one peep. California physicians compromised with the initial murder by physician legislation when given “assurances” the forced compliance would not be implemented. Many physicians and nurses around the country, aware that masks do not work to prevent transmission of any illness/disease, have remained silent, complying with “policy” not supporting science. These same “professionals”, who have access to the same information many researchers have uncovered, complied with other unproven COVID-19 non-pharmaceutical interventions and complied with the withholding of medications that have proven to be effective against an un- proven virus. Moreover, many physicians and nurses are still adhering to “testing” using a method that is not diagnostic in nature. And, agencies convinced many physicians to engage in falsification of death certificates, deflection of adverse effects with these injections, and adhere to politicized science and politicized medical journal entries.

Yes, there are a good many health care professionals who are now rejecting receiving the experimental injection; but, these individuals have compromised on the other aspects surrounding this plan-demic. Once compromise has occurred, further compromise can and should be expected. Why? All it will take is a veiled or overt “threat” from perceived authority to ensure compliance. It’s the natural progression when one does not conduct their own research, instead relying on agencies, pharmaceutical companies, and government stooges that have known credibility, integrity and honesty issues to provide information. It’s also watching what happens to others who stand up to confront the lies.

Somehow, the health care professionals have lost the “power in numbers” argument. Do you think for one minute that facilities, agencies, and government can afford to leave an entire State or the entire united States without health care providers? There would be an outcry so egregious from the people it could not be ignored. But, you have to be willing to stand together and accept the consequences together. That is where the influence lies. One by one, you can be picked off. Together, not so much. A hospital cannot afford to lose the bulk of its staff for standing on principles. Neither can physicians’ groups associated with hospitals.

There will be a few physicians who would go along with this “murder by physician” legislation. However, if the majority do not and are willing to stand by their principles, the system would be so overwhelmed these few could not keep up with demand. Legislatures and others would have to take notice.

The slippery slope has arrived. Now, it is up to the physicians as a group to determine to slide down into hell or refuse to violate principles. But, once you slide down that slippery slope as a group, don’t expect individuals or patients to trust you when rendering any “opinion” or recommendation. Who would know if you were following sound medical principles, pseudo-science, policy, government edict or personal views?

Article posted with permission from Sons of Liberty Media

Suzanne Hamner

Suzanne Hamner (pen name) is a registered nurse, grandmother of 4, and a political independent residing in the state of Georgia, who is trying to mobilize the Christian community in her area to stand up and speak out against tyrannical government, invasion by totalitarian political systems masquerading as religion and get back to the basics of education.
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