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Canada: Tommy Robinson Gives Speech, Then Is Arrested On ‘Outstanding Immigration Warrant’

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Tommy Robinson was not immigrating to Canada. He was there to speak. Meanwhile, illegal migrants are streaming into Canada and are welcomed by the government. Two-tier justice system in Canada as well as the US and UK? Absolutely.

Also, those who think the police, being mostly ordinary, decent people, will help the populace against totalitarian elites should watch this video, and watch it again.

Meanwhile, back in the UK, the execrable and ever-shameful Daily Mail, the worst paper in the Western world by far, runs this headline: “Tommy Robinson claims he was arrested in Canada on suspicion of immigration offences after giving speech – as video shows far-Right activist ‘being led away in handcuffs’.” Yes, “Tommy Robinson claims,” despite the fact that his arrest, and the “immigration offenses” explanation, is on the video that the Daily Mail itself discusses.

“Tommy Robinson arrested in Canada on suspicion of immigration offences,” by Tom Davidson, Evening Standard, June 25, 2024:

Tommy Robinson has been arrested in Canada on suspicion of immigration offences.

Footage posted online shows Robinson – real name Stephen Yaxley-Lennon – being handcuffed by two plain-clothed police officers who explain to the 41-year-old that he is the subject of ‘an outstanding immigration warrant’….

He was arrested shortly after giving a speech in Calgary on Monday.

He has since been released but had his passport seized, according to his social media channel.

He wrote: “Ok I’m FREE , we’ll sort of, None of this makes sense , I’m now detained in Calgary , prevented from leaving the city , these conditions stop me from continuing my tour of Canada & meeting with guests for podcasts . I’m not even allowed to leave to travel home”….

Article posted with permission from Robert Spencer

The Washington Standard

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