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Carly Fiorina Turns Tables on Planned Parenthood Shill: Why Are Fetuses being Aborted Alive to Butcher their Brains?

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As a Christian, I firmly believe God created the heaven and the earth and made man in His own image; however, for some, I question whether evolution played a factor as many humans act as though they came from a primordial soup mixture of amoeba that can’t distinguish their head from their tail. Case in point is the protestors in support of Planned Parenthood who interrupted Carly Fiorina while she was campaigning in Iowa. Reports indicate these “protestors” threw condoms at Fiorina and her supporters while they chanted, “Layoffs, lies, no surprise. Carly fumbles for these Hawkeyes.” One protestor actually wore a “birth control pill” costume and the others wore pink T-shirts — pink being associated with breast cancer awareness.

Planned Parenthood supporter Cindy Shireman, 54, approached Fiorina and asked, “How can you as a woman not support our healthcare?”

In the face of “crass,” Fiorina responded with “class.” Fiorina said, “Oh, I support women’s health care. I don’t support the butchering of babies, and you ought to go look at those videos.” Continuing on, Fiorina asked several questions of Shireman.

“I understand we may disagree on things, but you need to ask yourself some questions. Why is it that fetuses are aborted alive to butcher their brains? Why? How much money does Planned Parenthood give to Democratic candidates? This is a big political rigged game.”

Shireman committed to finding the answers to Fiorina’s questions and speak with her at a future time. She questioned Fiorina on the amount of money she was receiving to “‘do the abortion agenda’ to win the Republican nomination.”

Speaking to reporters, Fiorina stated, “I think we’re making a difference, that’s my reaction. I think they’re scared that the American people are starting to look at what’s really going on in a Planned Parenthood clinic.”

Fiorina ignited controversy at the last GOP debate when she commented that a fully formed fetus was shown alive in the videos released by an anti-abortion group with someone being heard in the background saying it needed to be kept alive to “harvest its brain.” But, Fiorina is not backing down. In fact, she is standing firm claiming people are more focused on the “technicality” than what the videos actually reveal.

Fiorina stated earlier in the week while in South Carolina, “Interestingly, no one has denied that babies are being butchered for their body parts in Planned Parenthood clinics and elsewhere. No one has denied that.”

Fiorina is correct. No one is denying babies are being butchered for body parts. A gruesome business based on the macabre and peddled for money. Shireman, like the other primordial soup evolved individuals, misses the point entirely and never acknowledges the fact that Planned Parenthood butchers babies alive in order to harvest their organs.

Is there anyone who doesn’t support women’s healthcare? It’s important for women to have pap smears to detect cancer, mammograms to detect breast anomalies, routine physicals to detect health problems, and routine gynecological exams to assess for reproductive issues and pre-natal care during pregnancy to ensure a healthy mother and child. These are the elements of women’s healthcare, which all can and should support. What does abortion and butchering babies alive for their organs have to do with women’s healthcare? Shireman should answer that question for Fiorina and the rest of America.

All “women’s healthcare services” offered by Planned Parenthood, outside of baby murder in the womb and butchering live babies for their organs, is available at other facilities within reasonable access for women of all socio-economic means. In fact, a recent report divulged that not one Planned Parenthood clinic had a mammogram machine. Obamacare covers birth control methods and emergency contraception after unprotected intercourse reimbursed by money stolen from taxpayer dollars. With all the readily available methods to prevent unwanted pregnancy, with the most important being abstinence, funded with fleeced taxpayer dollars and access to health care provided by Obamacare, why is Planned Parenthood even needed?

We have all heard the answers to that question. However, women like Shireman refuse to acknowledge the “big business” supported by Democrats of butchering live babies in the womb for their organs. It’s as though they believe if that heinous practice is ignored, not acknowledged or touted as “lies,” the subject will go away, be forgotten, and treated in a similar manner to those protesting Islam and Sharia law. Going one step further, women like Shireman refuse to acknowledge the Holocaustic nature of infanticide period — government’s way of sanctioning population reduction and control of minorities. Since Roe v. Wade, the murder of babies in the womb totals 56 million and counting. Nazi Germany exterminated approximately 6 million Jews in a crime so outrageous it earned the name “crimes against humanity” while German citizens turned a blind eye. This is the type of humanity supported by Shireman and her ilk.

One must ask Shireman, “How can you as a woman support infanticide, a crime against humanity, and butchering of live babies?” The Planned Parenthood baby murder mill and baby butchering for organs might as well be the modern day Josef Mengele torturing children in the name of “science.” Someone should ask Shireman if she has ever witnessed a baby murder via the abortion procedure.

More than likely, she has not nor have many of these primordial soup amoebae supporters of PP running around in birth control pill costumes and pink T-shirts claiming “lies” regarding the practices of Planned Parenthood. Women, like Shireman, refuse to acknowledge the purpose of this organization founded by eugenicist Margaret Sanger. These “crass” “classless” so-called women support a barbaric practice of baby murder and baby butchering for organs and even exhibit pride in doing so while trying to rationalize it as “women’s health care.” How are these amoebae any different than Nazi Germans who performed their “final solution” against the Jews rationalized as “being good for the fatherland?”

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