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The truth is that nothing has changed as far as the long-term outlook is concerned. Without a doubt we will pay a very great price for our mistakes, and a day of reckoning is inevitably coming.

The strong yet quickly weakening economy is failing to keep pace with the wave of red ink that’s rising under the Trump administration and there appears to be no end to the spending in sight.

The middle class has been steadily shrinking, but most Americans still believe that they are a part of it.

For decades, America has been stealing from the future in order to make the present more pleasant, but now we have painted ourselves into a corner.

It frustrates me that so few people seem to understand the gravity of the situation that we are facing.  Our stores are filled with cheap products that come from China and they own more than a trillion dollars of our national debt.  The two largest economies in the entire world are decoupling from one another, and if the Chinese conclude that they are not able to salvage the relationship, then they will rapidly become an exceedingly dangerous enemy.

In order for more competition to exist, we need more competitors to enter the marketplace, but instead, we have been crushing “the little guy” with mountains of regulations and deeply oppressive taxes.

If there is a deal, one thing is pretty clear: We could have gotten to this point with a lot less pain a lot longer ago.

The Federal Reserve has set the stage for a giant mess, and it is going to shake the housing industry to the core.

The executives that gutted the finances of both firms by engaging in these sorts of Ponzi tactics should all be fired and should never be hired by anyone else in the corporate world.

Most Americans seem to believe that the problems that caused the last crisis were fixed, but that never happened. They simply patched together the old system and inflated the bubbles bigger than ever before. As a result, we have a giant mess on our hands now.