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Global economic activity has already been slowing down dramatically, and the U.S. trade war with China is just going to make things worse.  In so many ways, what we are witnessing in 2019 is quite reminiscent of what we witnessed as the last recession was beginning.

Ponzi schemes like social security will be even less solvent than ever should the birth rate in the United States continue to decline at such a rapid rate. As the population ages, there won’t be enough workers to pay for the aging population, and the Ponzi scheme will finally be exposed.

This is flashing warning signs for the future of the United States dollar.

With the national debt spiraling quickly out of control, there are only a few years left before every single dollar the government borrows will go toward funding interest payments on the national debt.

The termination of that agreement will result in high tariffs being imposed on all tomatoes from Mexico, and researchers at Arizona State University say that we will soon be paying “40% to 85% more for vine-ripe and other fresh tomatoes”…

We should all get prepared for an extended trade war, and this trade war is going to affect you and your family in a number of different ways.

We need trade with China to be fair and balanced, but are we willing to go through an extraordinary amount of economic pain to get to that end result? And once relations with China break down, will they ever be able to be repaired?

This is a make or break moment for the Trump administration, and it is a make or break moment for the entire U.S. economy.

The Federal Reserve will continue to tell us that everything is just fine for as long as they possibly can.  Unfortunately for them, they can’t hide the depressingly bad numbers that are coming in from all over the economy, and those numbers are all telling us the same thing.

There are all sorts of indications that the U.S. economy is really starting to slow down again.  One of those indications is the fact that the level of credit card charge-offs has risen to the highest level since 2012…