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When the Fed releases information, they choose their words carefully. Such was the case when they backhandedly admitted that there are quite a few people who need jobs right now, despite what the media and government are selling us.

“They asked me where I’m from. I told them and the conversation led to whether I was Muslim or not. I replied, ‘I used to be but I’m a Christian now.’…Another woman who was not part of the conversation went and complained to the security.”

The son of a Killeen cop was never arrested for murdering an unarmed man in broad daylight on video, and now it is announced he won’t be charged at all.

A good cop refused to cover up the shooting of an innocent autistic teenager so his fellow Chicago cops moved to snub him out.

This is constantly going on in politics, whether it is from the right or the left, both sides have problems in many cases defending certain positions when someone other than their particular controlled opposition begins to question them about their logic or their ideas.

When you support corruption, it makes you corrupt and in the end, it comes back to bite you.

We can see clearly that King George was not ruled by God in his role as the king and because of that, the founders threw him off. 

Two dirty Houston cops—whose alleged lies got an innocent couple murdered—are having a massive ripple effect throughout the system.

An entire police department has been suspended as cops with skull masks on were seen raiding an innocent family, pointing weapons at their child.