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Either the American people are going to take heed to the Word of God by keeping His Commandments or they are going to willfully subject themselves to His curses.

Would you even believe me if I told you that not one penny of the hard-earned money you pay towards your income taxes goes to fund America?

Take a look at some of the comments of these Somali immigrants as they demonstrate their ungratefulness and defiance against those who would call them to assimilate into American culture in a similar manner that they would present if we were to travel to Somalia.

An Indiana police officer is in critical condition after one of her fellow cops attempted to kill a dog and shot her instead.

Currently, the film is in production and is expected to be released soon.  It was inspired by late Georgia Senator Nancy Schaefer, who was murdered along with her husband for attempting to expose the criminality and complicity of our own government in child trafficking.

The professional boxer who was seen wailing on French police has been branded a hero by protesters and a fundraiser has exploded with support.

In less than two years, two black men have been found dead of overdoses in prominent Democratic donor Ed Buck’s home, along with drugs, and no one has been charged.

We already know that a good chunk of the recipients reside in the United States. Once the brokers find the match in other countries, they are either shipping the organs over or bringing the person to have surgery here. That means hospitals, surgeons, nurses, medical technicians and anesthesiologists are all involved in the transplant.

Sen. Sinema might not like it, but the very authority she has been given comes courtesy of those who sacrificed so much to create this nation in the first place, with the help of God and His holy Word.