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What if you were raped?  Then, because you couldn’t get justice via a criminal case, you chose to sue in civil court only to have your attorney have a meltdown and leave you stranded in the courtroom.  To make matter worse, once you hired new attornies who assumed the previous costs and actually got a confession and settlement on your behalf, the previous meltdown attorney wants to sue you, but then a judge allows him to sell his right to sue you to another attorney for profit and that attorney wants you jailed for contempt of court?  In all of this, your settlement payments are being stolen by another attorney.  Sounds bizarre?  Sound like it couldn’t happen in America? 

Education used to be seen as the means of helping men understand who they are, who God is and how they might glorify him with their lives in whatever they pursued.  In America, for the most part, that is no longer the case.  The further we have drifted from that, the further we go down the road to reprobate minds and depravity.  The latest example of this is Florida middle schools now introducing LGBT propaganda films to students.

Kohls points out that a Marxist group called Justice Democrats were formed to respond to the election of Donald Trump as president. What did the Justice Democrats do?  They held “auditions” for possible candidates for Congress.  Among those who “auditioned” was one Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

No Jew with a brain or with dignity should support the neo-Nazi Democrat Party in any way.

This has been nothing more than another episode, a long and expensive one at that, of WWE, but you can bet it will all be fodder come 2020 in that election cycle.

Omar, like many other freshmen and establishment representatives, is a stain on the US Congress.  It’s time those stains were removed.

“One 8 year old Yazidi girl was sold 8 times and raped 100 times by ISIS over a 14 month period. Hoda Muthana deserves a visit from a kill team. Instead she gets a sit down with her child on CBS to tell her tale of woe,” said Marine-veteran Jesse Kelly.

A Grand Forks woman from Somalia was arrested for making terrorist threats against three people by using a knife to cut them up, but instead of owning her threats, which are derived from the Koran, she played the victim, claiming that she is innocent and committed no crime. 

Montana Resident and Internationally Recognized Expert in Satanic Ritualistic Abuse, Laura Eisenhower Vows to Help Expose Montana’s Dark Underbelly of Human Trafficking