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Catholic Group Exposes Hillary Clinton VP’s Radical Roots

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Everyone has a past. There is no doubt that every person over the age of thirty have had associations of which they are not proud. There are surely groups and people from our past that might shed an unfavorable light on our character.

This cannot be helped, as we cannot go back in time and make better decisions, but when these associations come up, we have to deal with the why and how of those past events. This goes for private individuals, so it is that much more important for those aspiring to be Vice President of the United States.

Breitbart reports:

An organization of committed lay Catholics is challenging Democratic vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine, who’s invoking his Catholic faith and the words of Pope Francis as a basis for his radical positions on abortion and marriage, as well as his embrace of liberation theology.

Brian Burch of CatholicVote says faithful Catholic voters and leaders deserve to know the truth about Hillary Clinton’s running mate, and how the time he spent in Honduras – which he has referenced as a “turning point in my life” – helped to shape both his political and religious views.

It is disturbing that these associations are in Kaine’s past, but it is even worse that these associations are not broken. Kaine does not speak of these events as something he did while young and ignorant, as if they were mistakes of the past, but as if they were milestones and victories.

Breitbart continues:

The memo recounts Kaine’s relationship in Honduras with radical liberation theology proponent Father James Carney, who accepted “armed rebellion, socialism, Marxism, and communism” as part of God’s plan for political and social change. Prior to his death as a member of the Sandinista rebel army, Carney helped found socialist broadcast outlet Radio Progresso.

Kaine continues to be in touch with Carney’s successor, Father Ismael Moreno Coto (Father Melo), and announced in a press release in November of 2014 that he met with the Jesuit priest.

“I think of El Progreso every day,” Kaine said. “The people, aside from my family, are the most important in shaping who I am today.”

These associations and beliefs run counter both to Christianity and America. Both embrace revolution and violence as God’s tools for “social justice,” which is just another way of calling for revenge.

And this is more of concern when we consider the possible health problems Clinton is hiding.

This man could be our president in less than two years.

Article posted with permission from Constitution.com

The Washington Standard

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