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Check Out This Former Navy SEAL’s Bold Plan to Help Persecuted Christians in the Middle East

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Many Christians in the West have covered our faces or buried our heads to the horrors being inflicted on our brethren. We go about our lives, consumed in our own trifles and think nothing of what atrocities are being perpetrated against Christians.

However, one man, a former Navy SEAL names Erik Prince, is taking an opportunity to remind us of the persecution that is occurring every day, and giving voice to a far-fetched but wonderful idea.

Breitbart reports:

Without adequate legal protection in much of the Middle East, Prince said Christian communities are being crushed between the “plate tectonics” of the Sunni-Shia civil war. He noted that most secular leaders in the Middle East are preoccupied with “staying in power and keeping their borders intact,” so “the last thing on their minds are Christians.”

Prince warned those besieged Christians not to expect much help from the nominally Christian nations of the Western world, particularly under the current U.S. Administration.

Prince does not seem to have placed much hope in the current way of dealing with this situation. Much of the violence is directed by Muslims against Christians, and the U.N. peacekeeping forces do little to stop the slaughter permanently.

Prince has a more permanent solution.

Breitbart continues:

He said the next U.S. Administration would be well-advised to “let Christians help Christians, and I mean really help them… and that means going shoulder-to-shoulder with them, and helping to defend their homelands. This is not a matter of sending blankets and clean water. They need physical security.”

“It’s time to pretty much redraw the map of the Middle East,” he said. “I don’t see Syria and Iraq ever going back together exactly the way it was written up by the Sykes-Picot treaty at the end of World War I: an arbitrary line drawn on a map to suit the needs of French and British colonial empire. So let there be a Christian homeland, or let there be a Christian region that’s part of a greater Kurdistan, or something. But give Christians a place to go, give them the means to defend themselves, and give them the means, again, to build a civil society.”

These two ideas, though radical to many, may prove to be the only hope for millions of suffering Christians in the Middle East. This would allow support from Christians in America and Europe to flow into these Christian communities and even would allow Christians to volunteer to fight in defense of their brethren and a Middle Eastern homeland.

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This is something that we should pray God will, in His wisdom, allow.

Article reposted with permission from Constitution.com. Article by Michael Ware.


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