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Children’s Hospital Explores Euthanasia Without Parental Consent

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“Do not mention conversation with family or parents about how the child dies until after the death occurs in the reflection period.”

Woke medical ethics says that doctors can impose abortions and sexually mutilate children without parental consent for their own good. Is it any surprise that some are going all the way by not only euthanizing children,but doing so without parental consent. After all children are the wards of an enlightened socialist state and its class of experts.

As Hillary claimed, “it takes a village to raise a child.” It takes a somewhat smaller village to kill a child.

 In a prestigious medical journal, doctors from Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children have laid out policies and procedures for administering medically assisted death to children, including scenarios where the parents would not be informed until after the child dies.
The article appears just three months before the Canadian Council of Academies is due to report to Parliament on the medical consensus about extending voluntary euthanasia in circumstances currently forbidden by law. The Canadian Council of Academies is specifically looking at extending so-called assisted dying to patients under 18, psychiatric patients and patients who have expressed a preference for euthanasia before they were rendered incapable by Alzheimer’s or some other disease.
Psychiatric patients. We’ve already seen euthanasia used to kill healthy people with depression. Extend the same brutal practice to kids who are already being sexually mutilated if they’re undergoing some psychological issues and the real killing fields emerge.

In a flowchart that outlines how a medically induced death would occur at Sick Kids, authors Carey DeMichelis, Randi Zlotnik Shaul and Adam Rapoport do not mention conversation with family or parents about how the child dies until after the death occurs in the “reflection period.”

Patient confidentiality governs the decision about whether or not to include parents in a decision about an assisted death, the authors said. If capable minors under the age of 18 stipulate they don’t want their parents involved, doctors and nurses must respect the patients’ wishes.

The reflection period. Privacy. It is horrifying to see how Newspeak transforms the vocabulary and the worldview to make evil not only easy, but an unremarkable bureaucratic function.
Article posted with permission from Daniel Greenfield

The Washington Standard

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