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Christian Patriots Launch Groundbreaking Sci-fi Motion Picture

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When was the last time you saw a “first” in the movies? What you normally see is a variation of things you have seen before. However, producer and largely successful political activist Kathy Amidon and her NYC co-producer have launched a fundraiser which raises the bar for everyone with what appears to be a new and highly controversial genre: the Christian Science Fiction Movie.

The first such movie being planned is a science fiction adventure which, unlike the current crop from Hollywood, is extremely mature in its subject and approach. It’s called “Bravery; On Wings Like Eagles,” which takes its title from the Isaiah 40:31.

But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.

Despite the fact that all polls continue to indicate that not only are the majority of the populations in the United States and Great Britian Christian – and of those nearly 50% reject evolution and are true Christian creationists – Christians continue to be mocked and their values misrepresented by an increasingly hostile Hollywood elite, who are attempting to control the national discussion and drive the populations away from their Christian foundations with vulgar and atheistic “entertainment.”

On the flip side, Christian motion pictures tend to be relentlessly weak in their messaging, presenting numbingly gentle movies which quietly preach to the choir. Make no mistake, the choir turns out. While most of these films are very conventional dramas with no name actors, they do astoundingly well at the box office in the Bible Belt. However, Amidon and Company through their C.H.A.M.P.S. (Christian Heroism And Motion Picture) are taking an amazingly bold step worthy of all news media. They are attempting to create a new motion picture genre, and they’re doing it in stereoscopic 3D, as well!

Their story takes place 50 years from now when the “Christian Underground,” outlawed by a New World Order global state, sees the time for action has come. The state is about to implement a new technology so invasive and absolute that every human being will be monitored via satellite in their homes and their computers will identify “improper behavior.” Those not in compliance with the system, mostly Christians, will be rounded up for the final round of televised public beheadings.

If this sounds like a movie unlike any you have seen before, you’re right. Why science fiction and why stereoscopic 3D? Amidon’s answer is direct, “Christians need to stop being satisfied preaching only to the choir. We need to get back into evangelizing. We need to spread the message of God’s Kingdom to the youth of America and the world because, obviously, that’s where the future is. The trick is to do it without being childish, to do it on a mature level.”

The promotional trailer Amidon and staff have created make it clear they’re not fooling around. The special effects are extremely professional and polished, the 3D effects powerful, the music worthy of the biggest Hollywood blockbuster and scenes such as the graphically implied beheading make it obvious that the final motion picture won’t be for the kiddies. In fact, by Hollywood theory, the film should draw in the 15 to 30-year-olds by the droves, where they may be given a straight-up Christian message in a movie for probably the first time in their lives.

“The world is now at a point where our leaders talk and do little about crimes against Christians so terrible, that 30 years ago it would have seemed impossible that contemporary human beings anywhere in the world could be so savage and sadistic,” said Amidon.

Finally, one needs to ask, why science fiction?

“This is an unpleasant subject,” said Amidon. “It’s tough for people to take, but it must be faced and addressed. Science Fiction is perfect for that because it allows the audience to live out a fantasy while absorbing the message.”

“This isn’t new,” she adds. “Orwell used exaggeration for effect in his famous novel 1984. By setting the issue of government control into the future, he could make a point and create a warning by exaggerating what was happening in 1948 so people could understand the danger.

“The original Star Trek TV show used the futuristic setting to address all manner of public concerns which were considered too hot-button as topics to otherwise make it onto the TV screens in the 1960’s: population growth, racism (in both directions, it should be noted), and other subjects continue to be strong morality plats even today,” Amidon continued. “Ultimately, someone has to do something more than is currently being done.”

Amidon is no stranger to successful activism for the Christian and conservative causes. She and her group have four effusive letters of thanks from US congressmen, most notably from retired House Representative Frank Wolf, who wrote the resolution on a congressional House investigation into Benghazi. The resolution had been mired in fear and uncertainty for months until Amidon led a grsoup of patriots to “swarm” congress on social media. As a result of their efforts, 191 GOP House representatives, almost all Republicans, signed onto the resolution as co-sponsors.

“It took 17 months of swarming every day, but we did it” said Amidon.

You can thank Amidon for Hillary Clinton’s email scandals, which are plaguing her presidential campaign, too, since that comes directly out of the House investigation copncerning Benghazi. Amidon also led the only successful boycott against Fox News in that network’s history, demanding that Fox return to its conservative roots. That’s a common demand today, but 2 years ago it was so controversial that the boycott got national media attention in almost every outlet once Newsweek picked up on the story.

Amidon is back at it today, now setting the goal even higher. She is seeking to restore the traditional Christian model into a society being media-influenced away from it. She’s confident.

“I think we have the formula in place to make it work,” she said. “All we need is the cash to do it.”

Regarding that last point, people wishing to donate or invest can do so by following the link at the movie website, www.braverymovie.com. Take a look at their stunning 4-minute fundraising trailer. You’ll be glad you did.

The Washington Standard

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