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CIA Teases Out “Benign Cover-up” While Continuing to Cover up JFK’s Assassination

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It’s being reported that yes, the CIA now admits over half a century after the fact that then-CIA Director John McCone lied to the Warren Commission during its investigation of the JFK assassination… as if this is somehow “news.”

Via Politico:


p>McCone pledged full cooperation with the commission, which was led by Chief Justice Earl Warren, and testified that the CIA had no evidence to suggest that Lee Harvey Oswald, the assassin, was part of any conspiracy, foreign or domestic. In its final report, the commission came to agree with McCone’s depiction of Oswald, a former Marine and self-proclaimed Marxist, as a delusional lone wolf.

But did McCone come close to perjury all those decades ago? Did the onetime Washington outsider in fact hide agency secrets that might still rewrite the history of the assassination? Even the CIA is now willing to raise these questions. Half a century after JFK’s death, in a once-secret report written in 2013 by the CIA’s top in-house historian and quietly declassified last fall, the spy agency acknowledges what others were convinced of long ago: that McCone and other senior CIA officials were “complicit” in keeping “incendiary” information from the Warren Commission.

What? You mean the CIA LIES?? No way.

Worse, however, is how even though the CIA admits what most everyone else already paying even lukewarm attention has already figured out, they refer to it as a “benign cover-up,” as if the connections between Oswald and the CIA’s Bay of Pigs operation were somehow insignificant to the murder of President Kennedy.

According to the report by CIA historian David Robarge, McCone, who died in 1991, was at the heart of a “benign cover-up” at the spy agency, intended to keep the commission focused on “what the Agency believed at the time was the ‘best truth’—that Lee Harvey Oswald, for as yet undetermined motives, had acted alone in killing John Kennedy.”

The “best truth”…? How did Robarge even write that with a straight face?

The most important information that McCone withheld from the commission in its 1964 investigation, the report found, was the existence, for years, of CIA plots to assassinate Castro, some of which put the CIA in cahoots with the Mafia. Without this information, the commission never even knew to ask the question of whether Oswald had accomplices in Cuba or elsewhere who wanted Kennedy dead in retaliation for the Castro plots.

The “commission” never knew?

But Allen Dulles was on the commission.

Considering McCone was brought in to replace Allen Dulles — who had been CIA director from 1953 to 1961 before Kennedy personally fired him and threatened to “splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces and cast it to the winds” after the Bay of Pigs fiasco — and Dulles just so happened to be ON THE WARREN COMMISSION investigating Kennedy’s death despite the facts that he had not only an ax to grind but a real motive that should have been looked into if this was even remotely a real investigation, this entire narrative is a joke.

What a rewriting of history.

McCone had only been there for not even two years when Kennedy was shot. Dulles was previously there for a decade. Dulles had profound knowledge, and there were many deep connections between Oswald and the CIA. McCone was just a stand in.

Dulles, Hoover, and other key intelligence officials played distinct roles in the cover up and made absolutely sure no real questions would ever be asked about JFK’s untimely death.

Hoover came up with the lone assassin story line from the beginning, and the Warren Commission’s entire job was to cement it into stone, despite any and all evidence.

The fact that Dulles sat on the commission makes the whole thing and stories like this one a complete comedy act.

*Article by Melissa Dykes

The Washington Standard

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