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Climate Refugees: John Kerry Predicts Waves of Illegal Invaders Due to Climate Change

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They come across our southern borders daily. They flood the nations of Europe. While the United Nations and “deer in the headlight” leaders of nations call them “refugees,” these individual are nothing more than illegal alien invaders. As the US rolls out the welcome mat to “refugees” from the conflict in Syria and arms the Islamic State even more, John “Swiftboat” Kerry warns the world of an additional flow of “refugees,” not from war, but climate change/global warming.

In a town hall meeting on oceans in Chile, Kerry called these individuals “climate refugees.” Calling the term “something new,” Kerry said, in response to a question, “We have climate refugees today. There are people who have had to leave where they were living because the drought is so significant they can’t grow food, or they’ve lost their water, or there are fights over wells in certain places and so they move in order to find a place. There are climate refugees in the world today — people who’ve had to move because of the rise of sea level or the changes in the thawing of the permafrost and so forth.”

“People have had to move because of the rise of sea level” claims the man whose bosom buddy, Obama, purchased an ocean side estate in Hawaii where he will reside after his term as president ends.

Kerry emphasized the term “climate refugee” has not been codified by the international community or put into any law since the “problem” has not peaked. “But, the day could come, if we don’t respond rapidly, you could have millions of climate refugees,” Kerry claimed. “You could have people moving from whole areas where today you can grow things and tomorrow you can’t.”

In other words, another “special class” of illegal alien invaders is created to flood western nations. Naturally, these illegal alien invaders will be from third world countries, the Middle East and Africa to escape the ravages of “climate change” — drought, depleted water, lack of food, etc. Nowhere does Kerry address the millions upon millions of dollars, along with the tons of food and water, which the US and western nations sends to these countries for the corrupt government heads to pocket. The corruption of these third world nation governments doesn’t enter the picture as a cause of some of the problems with inadequate water and food because it negates the false rhetoric of climate change/global warming.

Kerry mentioned “acid rain” as a by-product of excess carbon dioxide, the dreaded greenhouse gas all plants need to grow but what politicians and “scientists” claim will ravage the earth through climate change/global warming, that is “acidifying the ocean.

“… Because of the CO2 that goes up into the atmosphere, it comes down in rain, drops in the ocean, and it acidifies the ocean. And the acidification creates an acidic effect on lobsters and crabs and crustaceans, clams. And ultimately it could have a profound impact not only that but on coral reefs, living reefs and so forth.”

Acid rain from CO2 in the atmosphere acidifies the ocean causing harm. Information on acid rain can be found here and here. It appears “Swiftboat” left out plenty of details on acid rain, such as sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides combine with water and naturally occurring CO2 in the air to produce “acid rain.” Nitrogen oxides can occur naturally through lightning strikes and sulfur dioxide is emitted by volcanic eruptions and rotting vegetation, as well as through power generation. The Pacific ring of fire is unusually active and China is ramping up its construction of coal-fired power producing plants. “Acid rain is not limited to the region where sources are located” since winds can blow chemicals thousands of miles to another region. “Compounds from China can potentially be deposited in the US midwest.”

By the same token, compounds from volcanic eruptions can potentially be deposited in the US as well, meaning it is difficult to exactly measure which chemicals belong to which nation or natural occurrence. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) indicates that further studies are needed to “disentangle potential acidification effects” from other potential factors causing harm in the oyster production failure. The administration also indicated that “photosynthesis algae and seagrasses may benefit from higher levels of CO2 in the ocean,” as they require the gas to live just like land plants.

But, Kerry, in typical liberal agenda fashion, used acid rain, ocean acidification and ice cap melting profoundly impacting ocean currents as factors producing climate change/global warming to generate fear into the audience to push “green” energy and the United Nations sustainability development goals. He used the dreaded “climate refugee” scenario where millions would flood nations, straining economies, infrastructure and resources, to sway opinion toward decreasing “carbon emissions and footprints.” He pushed the notion that “everything we do is connected.” It sounds like the familiar push toward “globalization” under one umbrella.

Yet, the liberal “Swiftboat” never addresses his or other climate change cultists’ excessive use of emissions, supposedly ravaging our planet. It’s the “do as I say and not as I do” typical mantra of the elite and those in power. Climate change has been proven to be a hoax, a manufactured problem, by the United Nations’ own IPCC admission to fake computer models, falsifying of temperature data and studies that cannot satisfy the scientific method. If climate change were not false, these individuals could not continually push the idea of “refugees” to change the demographic of western nations. It is the reason many call for the imprisonment of “climate change deniers.”

Squelching the ruse of climate change would not stem the push for the hosting of illegal alien invaders by western nations. The UN, Kerry, Obama and other traitorous government officials in the US and Europe would push these illegal alien invaders onto their citizens regardless to usher in a “new world order” under a “one world government” — no more, no less — under another contrived reason. By giving “special status” to these invaders, governments can justify eradicating the rights of citizens under political correctness to avoid offending the overwhelming influx of illegal aliens. It matters not the term used to classify the “refugee” as long as the classification receives a protected and elevated status above citizens.

At this juncture, the United Nations, “Swiftboat” Kerry, Obama and his administration, the US Congress, the European Union and regional governments of Europe are enemies of the citizens of every western nation. These criminals take our money, abuse it, misuse it, and hand it out freely to whomever they designate as “special, protected, and elevated” while giving the shaft to citizens. They eradicate our rights while appeasing lawbreaking illegal alien invaders they declare are “refugees” based on the flimsiest of criteria. Citizens are subjected to increased crime at the hands of illegal alien invaders dubbed “refugees,” as governments and the media engage in hiding the truth. They actively work in coordination to destroy western culture and ridicule the very people they fleece. On top of that, the US government, aka King Obama, is pushing gun control via executive fiat in violation of the Second Amendment, which will criminalize legal gun owners who do not obey and leave those who do obey defenseless.

Isn’t it time for enough to be enough? When are we going to stand in unison and say “Not one more” when it comes to violating and eradicating our rights? What will be the “last straw?”

The Washington Standard

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