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Clinton Crony Brags About Illegally Mishandling Classified Material

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Earlier this week Fox News’ Ed Henry broke a shocking story about a recently uncovered video about a former State Department official by the name of Wendy Sherman.

The video is of a speech Sherman gave in 2013, and it shows her bragging about the mishandling of classified government information through the use of personal electronic devices.

Sherman even graciously provides an example of Hillary Clinton purposefully breaking the law when she relates a story from a 2011 meeting with the U.N. General Assembly.

“Now we have Blackberries, and it has changed the way diplomacy is done.

Things appear on your Blackberries that would never be on an unclassified system, but you’re out traveling, you’re trying to negotiate something …

And so they sat there, as they were having the meeting, with their Blackberries, transferring language back and forth between them and between their aides to multitask in quite a new fashion, to have the meeting and at the same time be working on the quartet statement.

And before anyone argues that Sherman could simply have been making up a story that didn’t actually take place – it seems that these very emails were part of the State Department Clinton email dump.

One of the most important things to notice here is that Clinton’s old lie about not passing along information that was “labeled classified” (which doesn’t actually matter) is proven untrue in this email because the communication is quite obviously labeled as classified.

1.4 (b)  Foreign government information
1.4 (d)  Foreign relations or foreign activities of the United States, including confidential sources
I wonder how long the liberal mainstream media will continue to allow Clinton to pretend that this scandal is just some trumped up GOP witch-hunt? That story is getting harder to sell every day.

Article reposted with permission from Eagle Rising, the opinions and views shared do not necessarily reflect the views of The Washington Standard.

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