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CNBC Tags Kim Jong-Un Parody Facebook Page, Thinking It’s Really Him, EPIC Trolling Ensues

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(Daily SheepleCNBC intentionally tagged Kim Jong-un, the “supreme leader” of North Korea in an article written about the dictator. While the story is real, the Facebook page depicting Kim Jong-un is nothing more than a parody page, leading to a comment section full of laughs.

North Korea’s tyrant doesn’t have a Facebook page. The one in existence is actually even a little humorous, as it pokes fun of the country’s chubby dictator. Called Kim Jong Un, the page, at first glance, does appear like it could be real. But it doesn’t take much scrolling to realize it’s nothing more than an attempt to inject some humor into the social media world at Kim Jong-un’s expense. And on top of that, when mainstream media makes a mistake this big, and this funny, it’s our job to share it.

The original post was a link to an article written by Saphora Smith “reporting from London,” according to the CNBC article itself.  The article detailed the lengths Kim Jong Un was willing to go to in order to use American civilians as pseudo-human shields to protect him as he and president Donald Trump continue to ratchet up the tensions on the Korean peninsula. The article was to be taken seriously, and it should be, except all that was made difficult by CNBC’s glaring error to try and tag Kim Jong-un’s official Facebook page on the social media outlet.  They tried to tag a real page, a page which doesn’t exist, as North Korea’s dictator doesn’t have a Facebook page.

Even better, though, is that the “supreme leader” replied with his own comment – from the parody page, of course.

As assumed, CNBC didn’t leave the tag up once they figured out that they actually tagged a parody page, so we took the screenshot knowing it would likely get taken down or deleted.

A screenshot of CNBC tagging the parody page made to poke fun at Kim Jong-Un.

Those who regularly follow Kim Jong Un, the funny Facebook page, understood immediately the mistake made by CNBC and they weren’t quiet about it. Following the hilarious response from the “dear leader” calling CNBC “#fakenews” and “imperialist lies” and a “propaganda outlet,” followers of the parody Facebook page took to the social media outlet to let CNBC know in the funniest of ways, that the page was created in jest.

Comments made after the parody page made a statement on the article.

So many got it, but the real question is why did CNBC think Kim Jong-Un actually has a real Facebook page? There will likely never be an answer for that particular question, so in the meantime, we can all just enjoy a laugh at CNBC’s expense. Humor is often much needed with the state we find our world in right now, so heartfelt “thank” (as the commenters on the post wrote) to CNBC for making this error, and that is sincere. It was a much-needed chuckle for some of us.

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