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CNN Conspiracy Theorists Stelter & Acosta Refuse Physician’s Declaration Trump Fit For Office

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My grandmother always said, “Chickens may run around the yard all day;  but, they eventually come home to roost.”

Now, she wasn’t just talking about chickens.

She was talking about the things you say and do in life that seem to find their way home to you, sitting on your shoulders.

If what you say or do is good, the good will come back to you.

However, if what you say or do is bad, the bad will sit on your shoulders, dragging you through the muck until you get rid of it.

What does this have to do with news?

Well, it seems that the lamestream enemedia, particularly CNN and Brian Stelter, have crossed over to become “conspiracy theorist” since these entities refuse to accept the official narrative from the White House physician, formally named so in 2013 by Hussein Soetoro, declaring Trump in good physical and mental health.

Infowars reported:

Having demonized anyone who questioned Hillary Clinton’s health as she coughed and stumbled her way through the campaign trail as “conspiracy theorists,” CNN is now taking on that very role by refusing to believe a doctor whose tests found Donald Trump to be in perfect physical and mental health.

After weeks of media speculation that Trump had “dementia,” or was in some other way unfit to be president, a long shot narrative that some on the left hoped would lead to his removal under the 25th amendment, Dr. Ronny Jackson put paid to all that yesterday by revealing that Trump performed “exceedingly well” in a cognitive test.

Jackson added that the test wasn’t even required and that Trump himself insisted upon taking it before achieving a perfect score.[emphasis mine]

The doctor’s report couldn’t be attacked for being biased or partisan either, given that he has been a White House physician to both George W. Bush and Barack Obama.

Despite this, CNN continued to declare Trump unfit for office and almost accused the doctor of engaging in a cover-up of “something.”

Brian Stelter, continuing his disbelief of the doctor, tweeted, “Here’s how the next few hours will go. Trump supporters will say “Concerns about Trump’s mental health were always absurd. Case closed now.” The obvious response: “The Q’s about fitness for office are serious. Someone could be sharp as a tack, but still unfit.”

How’s that shoe fitting now, Brian?  Don’t look down as the chickens are roosting on your shoulders.  And, you know what happens then.

This is the same man who dismissed the public’s concern over the health problems of Hillary Clinton as “conspiracy theories” despite her frequent coughing spells, unsteadiness resulting in assistance to navigate stairs, unusual facial movements and expressions during the DNC convention, and her falling episodes.  Stelter would roll his eyes when discussion of the topic occurred calling it “reckless speculation.”  Interestingly, Trump has not experienced any of these potential health issues;  but, that has not dissuaded Stelter from claiming Trump unfit regardless of a physical examination and cognitive function test proving his fitness.

CNN’s “talking heads” carried the water for Hussein Soetoro and Hillary Clinton to the point of peddling propaganda falsehoods to the public.  Since the election of Donald Trump, the network has continued to cover his presidency in a negative light.  It has not been a surprise these “journalists” would engage in “conspiracy theories”;  however, they will not recognize their hypocrisy in labeling conservatives and others “conspiracy theorists” with Clinton’s health issues while they are engaging in the same behavior.

Infowars continued:

His [Stelter] claims are also completely demolished by the fact that Dr. Jackson concluded Trump was in “excellent” cardiac health and had “incredible genes.”

But that didn’t stop Jim Acosta – CNN’s resident far-left activist pretending to be an impartial reporter – from jumping on the conspiracy bandwagon as well.

During Tuesday’s press briefing, Acosta asked Dr. Jackson if he was hiding information that contradicted Trump’s clean bill of health.

I can promise there is nothing that I am withholding from you. I can tell you, I’ve done the last four or five of these,” Jackson replied. “I’ve been involved in probably the last six or seven of these and this is hands down more information that has been put forth by any other assessment to date.” [These propagandists never questioned any mental fitness regarding Hussein Soetoro.]

No matter how much impartial evidence is presented to prove that Trump is physically and mentally fit, CNN just refuses to let go of the fake news that he is mentally impaired or sick, proving once again how their so-called neutrality as a news network is a distant memory.

Those speculating about Hillary Clinton’s health had plenty of evidence to support their theories of questionable health.  To this day, there has not been any disclosure as in-depth for Hillary Clinton as Dr. Jackson revealed about the physical examination of Donald Trump.  But, that does not concern this merry band of lamestream enemedia tools that have now joined the ranks of those they chided for so long.

CNN should be welcomed to the “dark side” of “conspiracy theorists.” They maligned the “light side” of “conspiracy theorists” for far too long.  Those “conspiracy theorists”  sought the truth (light) lending many to question Clinton’s fitness for office based on actual evidence because her camp and the media refused to disclose her health conditions.  CNN, Acosta, and Stelter, on the other hand, are the worst of “conspiracy theorists”;  they refuse to acknowledge truth, wanting to replace it with falsehoods without one iota of evidence to substantiate their claims while peddling it to the public as factual.  Their cognitive dissonance has been exposed along with their intent to assist in removing the president at any cost, even under false circumstances.  In other words, their participation in insurrection of our republic to usher in the “new world order” and “one world government” is showing.

Article posted with permission from Freedom Outpost. Article by Suzanne Hamner.

The Washington Standard

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