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CNN Is Dying & Them Comparing Joe Rogan To January 6 Proves It

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It’s getting rather tiresome hearing about Joe Rogan in the mainstream press. The man’s podcast is a massive benefit to humanity and his guests and his long-form style only help to lessen ignorance. That is all. It should be a non-issue. But the mainstream media, especially the folks at CNN, simply cannot stop obsessing over Horse Paste Man.

From libelous attacks to video mashups taken out of context to calls for censorship directly from the White House, the establishment machine is fighting a losing war in their attempt to cancel Rogan.

While the cancelists claim that their attempt to silence Rogan have been unsuccessful because he’s worth too much money to Spotify, in reality, Rogan is uncancellable because he has a massive audience who trusts him.

Unlike every outlet in the mainstream, Rogan admits to making mistakes. After the out-of-context mashup of him using the n-word went viral recently, Rogan took it upon himself to pull every episode in which the word was said. He then apologized, admitting that he should have never been so brazen in saying it.

He apologized and noted that he would never do it again and this was enough for everyone — who is not part of the establishment. In a last stitch effort to attempt to take down Rogan, CNN made one of, if not the most, ridiculous claims ever uttered into one of their reports.

In an article published on Sunday, by one of their analysts, John Blake, CNN ran the following headline.

Joe Rogan’s use of the n-word is another January 6 moment

In this dumpster fire of an article, CNN attempts to claim that World War II was fought so that white people could never say the n-word. Seriously. Read the following excerpt.

The podcaster Joe Rogan did not join a mob that forced lawmakers to flee for their lives. He never carried a Confederate flag inside the US Capitol rotunda. No one died trying to stop him from using the n-word.

But what Rogan and those that defend him have done since video clips of him using the n-word surfaced on social media is arguably just as dangerous as what a mob did when they stormed the US Capitol on January 6 last year.

Rogan breached a civic norm that has held America together since World War II. It’s an unspoken agreement that we would never return to the kind of country we used to be.

That agreement revolved around this simple rule:

A White person would never be able to publicly use the n-word again and not pay a price.

The article then goes on for hundreds and hundreds of more words as Blake attempts to make his point for cancelling Rogan. According to CNN, no white person should ever use the word in any context, ever. And, if they do, they should be banned from everything, forever. Even if they publicly apologize and they never meant harm.

After publishing the article with the above title, CNN received massive backlash and the title was changed to Why shrugging off Joe Rogan’s use of the n-word is so dangerous. Apparently the hyperbolic nature of such a claim was too much, even for CNN’s extremely low standards.

Blake goes on to claim — without evidence — that Rogan’s use of this word will make him more popular. But who in their right mind would follow Rogan for using the n-word? Certainly not racists. There is no mass support for Rogan by white supremacists because if they tuned into a single episode, they would know that he openly disavows any and all racism and inequality.

Rogan is also an advocate for ending the drug war because it disproportionately targets black people. In fact, thanks to Rogan frequently giving a platform to the Innocence Project, his efforts have recently helped to free multiple black men who were wrongly accused.

CNN wants to stop this.

The fact is that Rogan is proving the obsolescence of the legacy media and they are extremely angry. While these outlets used to be a trusted source of information, they have been caught in so many massive lies over the years that the public has lost trust in them.

Outlets like CNN would rather devote countless hours of television spots and online articles around bashing Joe Rogan than they would about checking the rampant corruption in the federal government, pushing to end the senseless wars across the planet, and researching actual solutions to racial disparity, like ending the drug war.

While their not bashing their political enemies, the mainstream press does little more than act as passive reverberators for the deep state. Reuters, WaPo, the NY Times, and every other mainstream outlet has proven this by continuing to march toward a potentially world-ending war with Russia over the Ukraine.

While Rogan may make a mistake from time to time and is certainly wrong on a lot of issues, his format cannot and will never have the negative impact that the mainstream press has had on this planet. Their coverage and establishment parroting has led to the suffering and deaths of millions of innocent men, women, and children. Rogan having on folks who talk about science will never be able to do this.

However, it is the mainstream’s constant promotion of war and fear that has tricked Americans into supporting senseless wars for decades. When the US slaughters a dozen children in some country, it’s a blip in the mainstream as they incessantly repeat the establishment’s talking points ad nauseum while ignoring the issues that matter.

The people have had enough and the more CNN and others try to silence Rogan, the more damage they do to their own brand. Though it has been incredibly difficult for independent media over the last 6 years of censorship and biased “fact checks,” those of us who held on through the hard times are here and we are building a new way of sharing important news through honesty and transparency.

To the three hundred people who still take CNN and the others seriously, we urge you to get outside of your box. Challenge your ideas and don’t be afraid of admitting mistakes. The only way out of complete societal destruction is free and open discussions and intellectual humility.

Those who constantly attempt to silence that discussion and who show no intellectual humility are not your friend and you’d be wise to wake up to this fact before it’s too late.

Article posted with permission from Matt Agorist

Matt Agorist

Matt Agorist is an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC and former intelligence operator directly tasked by the NSA. This prior experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state. Agorist has been an independent journalist for over a decade and has been featured on mainstream networks around the world. Agorist is also the Editor at Large at the Free Thought Project.
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