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CNN’s Don Lemon: A Real Lemon Journalist & Shining Example of a Propaganda Peddler

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CNN’s Don Lemon has proven himself a champion in perpetrating fake news and propaganda since Donald Trump took office. The most recent example is Lemon’s attempt to blame President Trump for newly elected Congressman Greg Gianforte body slamming Guardian reporter, Ben Jacobs during an interview with political commentator, Paris Dennard. 
As usual, Lemon tried to legitimize his propaganda by telling Dennard, he himself couldn’t believe that President Trump was not responsible for the incident. When Dennard refused and tried to make his point, Lemon, as usual, tried talking over him and eventually, cut him off before he had a chance to make his point.

Lemon has a long history of cutting guests off the air when they disagree with his fascist views. 

CNN itself is a leading authority of spreading propaganda and Don Lemon is one of their shining examples of spreading false information and keeping his guests from having a chance to rebut his fake politically motivated narrative. 

On a daily basis, Don Lemon has made himself a poster boy and shining example of being nothing but a propaganda peddler, fake news distributor, and promoter of censorship. Lemon has bumped himself to the number 1 spot as a perfect example of why the President has put his foot down in fighting propaganda machines masquerading as media. In this case, with this lemon, you will not get true, wholesome lemonade, you get fake, scummy Kool-Aid.
Don Lemon works hard 24/7 to prove himself to be truly the worst scum at the bottom of the fake media barrel. 

Article by Tony Elliot

The Washington Standard

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