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CO Democrat Supports Eradication of Due Process for College Male Accused of Sexual Assault

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Liberals, leftist liberals, atheists and many Democrats berate, criticize, ridicule and almost call for the persecution of Christians in America. Their preaching of “tolerance” reaches epic hypocritical heights as they seek to push Christians further into the background, removing all Christian principles that would guide government and a nation to act upon tenets established in the Constitution, declared inherent in the Declaration of Independence and essential for freedom and liberty. These supporters of anti-Christian principles react and act on whims, not laws nor equality under it when determining their exacting of justice.

In May of 2014, an article on Freedom Outpost covered the expulsion of student Drew Sterrett by the University of Michigan on the accusation of rape made against Sterrett by a fellow female student. The issues surrounding the case involved the University of Michigan denying due process rights to Sterrett. Sterrett’s railroading by the university occurred based on a White House report declaring the falsehood that 1 in 5 women are raped on college campuses. Based on that statistic, the report recommends universities suspend the Fifth and Sixth Amendment guaranteed rights to those accused. Some universities, like the University of Michigan, put in place the recommendation of a report based on falsehoods. This started a slippery slope that one man in Congress is willing to grease further.

Colorado Democrat Rep. Jared Polis received thunderous applause on Thursday when he declared it is “just” to expel any student accused of rape or sexual assault, regardless of guilt or innocence.

Speaking at a House hearing on campus sexual assault, Polis stated, “I mean, if there’s 10 people that have been accused and under a reasonable likelihood standard maybe one or two did it, seems better to get rid of all 10 people. We’re not talking about depriving them of life or liberty, we’re talking about their transfer to another university.”

Review that statement very carefully. Polis stated, “We’re not talking about depriving them of life or liberty, we’re talking about their transfer to another university.”

What does one call punishing an innocent individual through sanctions while denying due process? It certainly is not “preserving life or liberty.” Polis is essentially saying send the 10 accused, regardless of innocence or guilt, to another university. What are these individuals to do at another university exactly? Regardless of innocence or guilt, these individuals have the accusation and expulsion on their record meaning going to another university is out of the question. The innocent males would need to spend thousands of dollars and years of their life to correct an injustice perpetrated because of the denial of due process. If one is guilty, expelled, and cannot get into another university (which is always the case), would it not mean the individual would be free to commit the crime off campus? Absolutely. Where is the justice in that scenario or either scenario?

Congressman Polis believes the “standard of evidence for expelling a student accused of rape should be dramatically lowered.”

“I mean, if I were running one [conduct hearing] I might say ‘well, you know even if there’s a 20 or 30 percent chance that it happened I wouldn’t want … I would want to remove this individual …’ Why shouldn’t a private institution, in the interest in promoting a safe environment, use an even lower standard than a preponderance of the evidence, like even a reasonable likeliness standard,” the Congressman asserted.

Congressman Polis needs a re-education on the law, equality under the law and application of the law across all boundaries. Due process for any individual does not stop at the university property line. University officials and student government have no business meddling in criminal proceedings. Rape and sexual assault is a crime; it is best left to law enforcement and the judicial system. How convenient that a board and student body government play judge and jury along with “executioner” outside the legal and justice system established in this nation. What a marvelous way to dispose of those students some university “elites” think should not be there.

As it stands now, colleges and universities use a “standard of evidence that provides a 50/50 chance that someone is a rapist, and providing no due process (to either the accused or the accuser) to make that determination.” Many secondary institutions of “learning” are public entities, not private. Are there to be separate standards? According to Polis, Congress should set the “legal framework” allowing universities and colleges to lower the standard below the 50.01 percent positive the accused committed the crime. How convenient — let Congress further overstep their constitutional authority, eradicate due process rights based on age and sex, and set a precedent for expansion into other areas.

Even the way colleges and universities function now, with “marginal” due process if any at all, it violates the rights of those involved, skirts the legal system and requires students to capitulate rights in order to attend these “schools.” As many are aware, young women, upset with male friends or scorned by suitors, can levy false accusations against of rape and sexual assault to “get their revenge on.” The women falsifying the accusations are immune from charges of making false reports, unlike in the legal system. What a marvelous environment for young male adult students.

Polis needs to be run out on a rail by the voters of Colorado. If he proposes Congress establish a framework for colleges and universities to lower standards on sexual assault and deny due process to all while punishing all accused but who may not all be guilty and Congress agrees; then, how long would it take for Polis to propose this scenario for this and other crimes?

Following Polis’ logic, accusations against Obama, all 1,063+ documented proven incidents, are enough to pull him from office without impeachment or due process. It would be the same with Congress, the Supreme Court, Hillary Clinton, and any official in any government department. However, every US citizen knows the rules would only apply to us “little people,” not the bureaucratic, political, or wealthy oligarchy. Some might accept application of Polis’s logic to clean out the corruption plaguing Washington, DC; however, it would be wrong, unlawful, against our Constitution and against the Laws of God.

Parents of male college age students face a risk sending their children off to these institutions. Since sexual exploration among college age students occurs, any innocent action on the part of a young man, if misinterpreted by a female or rebuked by a female because of dislike of the male, could result in an accusation as the definitions for sexual assault on college campuses slackens to include “stolen kisses.” An unwanted advance for a date or an awkward “makeout” session could be determined “sexual assault.”

This is what happens when liberals, leftist liberals, Democrats and atheists move to eradicate Christianity and Christian principles from government — lawlessness. But, whatever keeps you out of jail, right? Well, in this case, being innocent does not prevent punishment — you are guilty because someone else accuses you or wrong and an appointed “bureau” agrees. This is the type of nation these “insurrectionists” strive to establish, while castigating Christians and the Christian principles that uphold due process. With allies such as Polis, these groups might succeed, if members of Congress capitulate and the people remain silent. After all, the report from the White House condones it, aka Obama is all for it.

*Article by Suzanne Hamner

The Washington Standard

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