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Common Core 2.0: New Project Activate Program For Mental Health Interventions Begins In Public Schools

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Anti Fed Ed Warriors, we knew the overreaches in education from a federal level were bad. We also knew, that because of ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act) increased the powers of the U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services over education, that behavior interventions would increase as well.

*Author’s Note: I am fully aware and supportive of the proper diagnosis, treatment, and support for those with mental health issues and those with substance abuse. However, funneling it through our schools is wrong.


So, imagine my (non) surprise in learning that a new pilot program for mental health interventions has begun in North Carolina.


The grants are from Project AWARE (Advancing Wellness and Resilience in Education) (by the U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration).

Back in 2014, I showed you how Project AWARE could target our 2nd Amendment rights.

Today, AWARE is going after our very children. (*Note: ESSA ties ‘school safety’ to mental health AND gun control issues.) In this March 2018 article, look for what Congress had laid out in legislation for school controlled mental health. (*Note, scroll down to HR 2913 and S 1370.)
While NC has called for their newly awarded funds to go to their project for school controlled mental health (Project ACTIVATE).

While I cannot locate any information on ACTIVATE, here’s a screenshot from one of the counties in NC where the new funds will go to increase mental health.


From Around the Nation:

The State of Georgia also has a similar project as NC. From the Peach State, a 2017 pdf full of information to see how wrap aroundsresponse to interventions (RtIs), and more work under the ESSA mandates.

Key to pulling GA’s  SEL ‘makeover’ in education is the Jimmy Carter Center, as seen in this summer 2018 pdf from GA’s Dept. of Education.

I hope you see the irony, Warriors. The same President who gave Americans the U.S. Dept. of Education it still tied to the ‘micromanaging’ of our schools.

From The Framework for Action Addressing Mental Health and Well-being Through ESSA Implementation, you’ll find a colorful example of the ‘new’ SEL from the State of CO. You’ll also learn from this pro-CCSS Machine document that Titles One and Four funds to your States are what will pay for all these overreaches into student’s minds.
On Page 7, look at the long list of partners involved. So, of course, all of these groups will need access to data.

From the University of Maryland, this screen shot of ‘honesty’ about ESSA and K-12th grade education:

Warriors, this document shows how non-academic activities will be lumped into the mental health assessments.

Not one of these resources seems to acknowledge that none of them should be overreaching into education!

US fed statute

Some Historical Context On Education and Mental Health:

If you’ll remember, much has been exposed about behavior interventions. Because more funding can be given to schools for mental health programs, kids who really don’t need mental health help, have been falsely labeled and inserted into interventions. Almost everything connected to the behavior interventions or the mental health programs is lumped into SEL, Social Emotional Learning.

How did this happen? Warrior Anita Hoge warned us years ago how this was happening. After ESSA passed, she created a great Twitter visual which helped wake some Americans up.

(*Note: the document embedded with Anita’s name is one she has shared in her research. It points to the SEL takeover for America planned by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development’s (OECD’s) educational research arm in partnership with the US Social Science Research Council.)

Warriors, from what I can tell that OECD US-SSRC document is from 2010. I’ve also found another OECD 2014 Document which refers to the 2010 one. The 2014 OECD document is how to use personalized learning as the key to ramp up the SLDS (Student  Longitudinal  Data System) or ‘data mining’.

Personalized Learning (PL) is directly tied to SEL (Social Emotional Learning). As we know, SEL is the chief tool for labeling children for behavior interventions and/or mental health services. ESSA also increased the amount of SEL, PL, as well as the amounts of data taken about our students. That increase amounts to ‘student data rape’. 


Let’s not forget that ESSA ramped up the participation of (Public Private Partnerships) P3s for things like behavior interventions and resilience training.
(*Note: Warriors, while you’ll see several articles in the embedded link above, look for the “Dollars Before Dears” and “More On THAT Documentary” first.)

Let’s also not forget that because the OECD is using education as a tool against America, we are not the only country seeing education used this way.

For example, in Canada, the school boards there are in the second phase of a implementation for totally aligned mental health. Most of it centers on suicide prevention. If you look at Phase One, much looks and sounds exactly like what the US is putting into place via those grants like NC and GA got.

The “Dear” Old U. S. Dept. of Education:

Warriors, did you know the U.S. Dept. of Ed has a suicide prevention policy for our students? Did you know it’s in collaboration with several other federal agencies? Did you know that each one of keys to the prevention policy are centered on SCIENCE. Not to be too simple-minded, but ask any parent or adult with suicidal tendencies about what kind of treatment has worked best. Much more than science is involved.

That said, the overreaches into mental health at school will use this type of ‘argument’ as a justification for ‘whole child’ or ‘wrap around services’ESSA mandated THOSE in the 21st Century Community Learning Centers.

What’s more is because the ‘wrap around services’ are based at the school AND the entire set up of ESSA is ‘student success’:
entire families and their mental health will be up for ‘inspection’ and treatment, too.

WarriorsANY overreach into our families is egregious! The federal government overseeing our mental health en masse?! Unconstitutional!

Warriors, let’s remember, that the OECD is in direct partnership with the United Nations. Since the OECD is aligning mental health and education, what is the United Nations doing in this respect?

The UNESCO’s SGDs Mental Health Grab:

“For the first time, world leaders are recognizing the promotion of mental health and well-being, and the prevention and treatment of substance abuse, as health priorities within the global development agenda. The inclusion of mental health and substance abuse in the Sustainable Development Agenda, which was adopted at the United Nations General Assembly in September 2015, is likely to have a positive impact on communities and countries where millions of people will receive much needed help.”

“This better world is envisioned in the declaration as a place “where physical, mental and social well-being are assured” in keeping with the WHO (World Health Organization)definition of health. Specifically, goal 3 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)focuses on ensuring healthy lives and promoting well-being for all at all ages.”

globalmental(Source for the 2013-2020 WHO Plan)

The U.S. A. is a ‘high ranking’ WHO member-state according, Warriors.
The latest WHO Mental Health Atlas (very dependent on data mining) shows the progress of each member-state toward the 2013-2020 Mental Health Plan.

The U.S. A. is also a UN member-state. Here’s a great research abstract paper on how the mental health is entwined in almost every one of the SDGs, not just #3, as the WHO suggests. Warriors, remember, SDG #4 is ‘quality education’.

If you’re curious as to how the mental health arena was included in the SDGs (as of 2015), this abstract is excellent. As you might guess, economy is a big factor.

Remember, Warriors, that the economy is also a key issue in ESSA as federal law.

If you’d like to learn about the globally led initiative to include mental health in the SDGs, be sure to visit the FundaMentalSDG website. (*Note: the American Psychiatric Association  has been a big supporter and partner in this ‘success’. Scroll back up to the picture Anita Hoge shared. You’ll see the APA there, too.)

While I didn’t see the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation listed in the FundaMental SDGsupporters, we know the Gates are ‘big’ into the UN, the SDGs, and global education. I did see that King’s College in London, UK was among the FundaMental SDG supporters. The Gates have recently given King’s College a grant for mental health skills classes. To see this and the other Gates Foundation mental health grants, go here.

Lastly, Warriors, the World Bank is in on the SDGs as well and has an entire section of their website devoted to nothing but mental health. In their recently published “Moving the Needle: Mental Health Stories From Around the World”, you’ll see how 100% private investments are being used in education and mental health, how SIBs (Social Impact Bonds)‘sin taxes’, and much more are being used not only for mental health but to micromanage it.


Warriors, if we want to help protect our students and school leaders from the overreaches at their minds or help direct who has access to our students and their mental health, we MUST act now! While it’s true minds are terrible to waste, it’s also just as terrible to be controlled in your mind. ‘Brain bleaching’ is indoctrination. We cannot allow the CCSS Machine and its global ‘education’ for all to take control of our mental health.

Article posted with permission from Lynne Taylor

The Washington Standard

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